Dispensary Recommendations: 6 cannabis products budtenders say you should try this month

Dispensary Recommendations: 6 cannabis products budtenders say you should try this month

Featured image Blueberry Muffin Live Diamonds and Sauce by Midwest Magic


Each month Patients asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. Dispensary staff give their recommendations based on personal preference, personal taste, or customer feedback. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line here.

Check out what some of Missouri’s best are loving right now.


Misha Everts holding Golden Goat Flower by Stability Growers | High Profile

Golden Goat Flower | Stability Growers

Golden Goat by Stability Growers is currently my favorite daytime strain to recommend to patients and for my own mood support. Golden goat lifts the spirits almost immediately and brings a slight perma-grin effect. I like finding strains that help me and my patients smile from the inside out. Golden Goat doesn’t disappoint. 

Misha Everts | High Profile

Marcelo Gonzalez | Homestate Dispensary Eureka

Blueberry Muffin Live Diamonds and Sauce | Midwest Magic

The Midwest Magic Blueberry Muffin Live Diamonds and Sauce (featured image) has been my favorite concentrate since it came out and I had the pleasure of actually making this product at the manufacturing facility before joining the Homestate Team. 

This product is a kushy, creamy Indica with lethargic euphoric effects and a great terpene presence. Caryophyllene is one of my favorite terpenes as well as the predominant terpene used to treat anxiety pain and helps treat seizures. Myrcene helps with sleep and helps you stay asleep. Limonene is the uplifting terpene that has a fruity refreshing scent that also helps to reduce anxiety and puts you in a happy mood. 

I really enjoyed this product after a long workout session at the gym this helps me relax and wind down after a long day. Love it, and love me some Midwest Magic!

Marcelo Gonzalez | Homestate Dispensary Eureka

Zachary Tebeau | NORTH

Purple Punch Flower | Proper Cannabis 


Patients looking for relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, or depression have a wonderful option in Purple Punch. With proven strains Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG providing it’s genetic makeup, this Indica-dominant flower has quickly become an easy favorite for me. What I enjoy most about this particular strain is the dominant terpene being Limonene, as its uplifting effects produce a welcoming mood elevation that effectively combats my depression. Simultaneously, the addition of Myrcene and Caryophyllene in this strain allows for the calming and sedating effects it does so well. With notes of citrus, berry, and grape, the exhale is consistently smooth with a fruity finish as one may expect.

Zachary Tebeau | NORTH

Phillip Distler holds Farmer G’s Jealousy Flower | Sunrise Dispensary

Jealousy Flower | Farmer G

I love and recommend Farmer G Jealousy! It is great for someone looking for an all-day Indica-dominant hybrid. It has strong sedative effects great for nighttime, but it is also physically energizing for a good daytime effect as well! This is my go-to!

Phillip Distler, Sales Floor Lead | Sunrise Dispensary

Bri Cointin shows off the Mandarin Cookies Flower from Heya Wellness | Missouri Wild Alchemy 

Mandarin Cookies Flower | Heya Wellness

My favorite strain for patients looking to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression (including myself) is Mandarin Cookies. With terpenes such as Linalool and Limonene being a few of the top terpenes in the strain, the heavy effects on your serotonin receptors and anti-inflammatory properties will assist in physical pain relief and euphoria. I can smoke this strain all day long while being productive, and still receiving calming effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid is rich in flavor and has taste notes of citrus and diesel. Heya has done an awesome job in raising THC percentages gradually, while keeping the strong terpenes intact, creating the perfect entourage effect. We currently have this strain in a few different weight variations – come chat with your budtender at Missouri Wild and let us help find the perfect product for you!

Bri Cointin, Wellness Coordinator | Missouri Wild Alchemy 

Eric Holliger of Feel State KC shows off the Lush Labs packaging

Lush Labs Concentrates

Since coming on the scene, Lush Labs has been at the pinnacle of quality medicine in Missouri. They feature a range of solventless products that include cold cure hash rosin, rosin cartridges, and moon sand. Generally speaking, solventless extract processes require more time and skill to produce than its more traditional BHO counterpart. At the end of the day, solventless extracts are becoming highly sought, elite products with cannabinoid and terpene profiles that closely represent the spectrum of compounds found in the original plant.  

The team at Lush Labs employs a mixture of technical skill, hard work, patience, quality materials, and pride that come through in their amazing concentrates. I usually judge a concentrate’s quality based on its terpene profile and effects, but I also take into account color, consistency, and the style of extraction. When I buy Lush Labs, I know all five of these factors will be on point as a result of their high standards and techniques. In a market full of BHO providers, Lush Labs is a shining beacon of truly quality medicine. I strongly encourage everyone to join me and grab a Lush Labs product so we can set the standards of our medication to the highest and cleanest levels possible.  

Eric Holliger | Feel State KC