C3 brings Platinum Vape to Missouri market with exclusive launch

C3 brings Platinum Vape to Missouri market with exclusive launch


Today, one of the most highly rated vape brands in the country launches in Missouri.

C3 has had an incredibly successful year so far in 2022. Carrying over from the launch of its High Profile branded dispensaries in 2021, C3 debuted Galactic Meds earlier this year. This summer, the company planted its first crops and will introduce Cloud Cover Cannabis to the Missouri market later in the year. 

Now, the company is focused on Platinum Vape. The Missouri marijuana market has seen a flurry of new brands integrated into the state in recent months, and more are sure to follow. So how does a company, even an established brand, compete for shelf space and consumer dollars in one of the most competitive medical marijuana markets in the country?

Greenway spoke to C3 President, Vishal Rungta, ahead of the launch of Platinum Vape to see why the company is so excited to bring Platinum to Missouri and how they intend to make an impact.

Vishal Rungta

For its part, the Platinum Vape brand resonates with experienced cannabis users and those familiar with the cannabis industry. Platinum Vape has been one of the most successful and highest-selling vape products in California and Michigan, two of the country’s largest markets.

“In Michigan, Platinum is, and has been, the number one vape cart for about three years running. Platinum is also Top Ten, or so, in California, they have a big presence in some major markets and they have a really high-quality product,” Rungta explained. “They’ve gone through a ton of R&D with a lot of thought and innovation going in to the flavor profiles, the pull, how the cart hits, and the potency levels – we’ve seen how consumers gravitate towards it and we thought it made a lot of sense to bring it to Missouri.”

Hybrid | Platinum Vape

Platinum Vape produces distillate carts that leverage top-tier terpenes, utilizing a custom pure terpene separation process, that the company says focuses on extracting quality and creating potency. 


“It’s going to be a really high-quality product, but we’re also going to be pretty aggressive with our pricing. We want to make these very widely accessible across the state.”

“This isn’t a value knock, Platinum has custom hardware that ensures the pull is just right. It’s a really high-quality product but we’re also going to be able to offer for a price that makes sense.”

“In general, in new markets pricing is really high, and then eventually it comes to a more reasonable level – as we’ve seen happen in the market. I think Platinum will fit really nicely into that where consumers can really enjoy it,” Rungta said.

Sativa | Platinum Vape

“Everything we are launching will be a full gram offering, we want to make it affordable at the full gram level so that patients don’t have to come back and buy them as frequently, we’ve tried to approach the brand with a consumer mindset.”

Platinum Vape will launch first exclusively at High Profile Cannabis shops and across the state, then in Greenlight branded dispensaries during the first week of November before rolling out statewide the following week. 

The initial offering will include Grease Monkey; Sour Dub; Lime OG; Fire OG; Grape Ape; Paris OG; Maui Wowie; Super Lemon Haze; and Cush.

Alongside the diverse offering of flavors and terpene profiles, Platinum Vape will also debut with one of the lowest price points in the state. $50 for 1 gram carts and 2 – 1 gram cartridges for $90.