High Scores: Twice Baked Red Hot Riplets by Missouri’s Own Edibles

High Scores: Twice Baked Red Hot Riplets by Missouri’s Own Edibles


The fine world of cuisine has been a target of cannabis consumers since the brownies of the 70s, we have been fascinated with putting cannabis in every different product imaginable. Creative culinary artists painted our taste buds with delicious treats including chocolate bars, gummy bears, pop tarts, popcorn, and every other snack you can imagine.

When I’m shopping for edibles I’m looking at all of the options, I’m examining the value of the product to the dosage, I’m checking the label to understand what cannabis concentrate went into the product. This will tell me what to expect as far as how much I will taste cannabis in the edible, or how much of a medicinal effect it will have. Pure THC Distillate has almost no flavor and a very high THC percentage, because of this, it’s often used in edibles. These products will have a more sedating effect but don’t have the additional cannabinoids you may get with other products.

Old Vienna x Missouri’s Own Edibles

Next, I examine dosage. Dosages are tricky to understand, due to the vast differences in each individual person. I’m looking at how high the dose is versus how much the price is. This will determine how much value I’m getting from the product and will let me know how many doses I will personally get from the product. When we eat cannabis we absorb it differently instead of absorbing THC like we do when we inhale it, the body breaks it down to 11 Hydroxymetabolite which is much more psychoactive than just THC. This is why airing on the side of caution is very important when consuming cannabis. Some people feel the effects quicker and some slower. Some require a higher dose and some require lower doses. When cannabis is consumed in this way, we can consider dosages much like conventional medicine.

As I’m checking the dosage I look at the packaging for professionalism and specifically, the ingredients. The more ingredients a product has that I can’t pronounce or don’t understand, the less I’m inclined to purchase it. If the ingredients list doesn’t thoroughly describe what’s in the product I’m also inclined to pass.

I chose the Twice Baked Red Hot Riplets, the Old Vienna x Missouri’s Own Edibles collaboration.

I thought this was the most unique product on the shelves and with the dose being only 20mg, I knew that I could eat the whole bag and get a good night’s sleep. 20mg is the threshold where I begin to feel the effects of edibles and I find this range to be very manageable for me.

When I got home, It was already getting dark. I couldn’t wait to crack open the box and find out what these Red Hot Riplets were all about. I pulled the box out of the bag and I was stoked at the presentation. The box did a great job of representing the product and provided ample nutritional facts and a full ingredient list. I skimmed through to notice only a couple of the ingredients weren’t recognized. I opened the box to find a chip bag within. I was giddy with excitement as I opened the bag. The product was flawless looking, perfect presentation, with about 20 similar-sized chips.

  1. Packaging Score 10 The Packaging was incredibly detailed. One of the better-presented edible products I’ve had in all my travels.
  2. Ingredients Score 9 The ingredients list was amazing and the Nutritional facts section was a huge bonus. There were a few items that I didn’t understand or recognize but all in all I was very happy.
  3. Value Score 10 This is a rare edible product that provides an incredible balance of potency and price.
  4. Originality Score 10 The work they put into making such an outside-the-box (pun intended) cannabis product, deserves great praise.
Twice Baked Red Hot Riplets

I picked up and examined the perfect potato chip and down the hatch it went. The flavor was exact. There was no cannabis taste whatsoever. Before I knew it the whole box had been smashed and I was on my way to a good time. The potency was consistent and as expected, I was floating on cloud 9. I laughed out loud at some Brooklyn 99 and went to sleep for a great full night’s rest.

  1. Consistency Score 10 The chips were crisp and perfect.
  2. Taste Score 10 The chips were delicious, there was no discernable flavor of cannabis, only Red Hot Deliciousness.
  3. Correct Dose Score 10 I was expecting a 20mg buzz and it delivered perfectly. (deductions on this would be if the 20mg had no effect on me when it usually would, or it was clearly way stronger than 20mg)
  4. Medicinal Value Score THC Distillate is very good for flavor and equal dosing but it does not contain a large cannabinoid profile many of which are attributed to having various medicinal properties. This product was an excellent sleep aid and provided a ton of anxiety relief.
  5. Experience Score 10 This product didn’t overwhelm me or make the room spin, it didn’t give me a headache. It only provided a great escape from the stressors of the world and some sleep.
  6. Repeat Purchase Score 10 This product is perfect for me. It provides a reliable dose that isn’t too overpowering and it doesn’t break the bank with the price. I will be a continued fan of this product.


Total Score 96/100

Grade A

In closing, this product is a remarkable addition to the medical marijuana market here in Missouri. The creativity and precision that this product brings sets a standard for the market and I’m excited to see what other products Missouri’s Own Edibles has in store for us in the future.

Patrick Waibel is a 3 time US Cannabis Cup Winning cultivator and consultant. Waibel’s experience in craft cultivation and the cannabis market makes him one of the most reputable reviewers in the industry. The 10-point grading system used to score and evaluate cannabis products aims to remove bias and determine the best qualities of marijuana products.