Cannabis Care Team award-winning retail training offers additional platforms

Cannabis Care Team award-winning retail training offers additional platforms


The Cannabis Care Team is pleased to announce that their virtual retail cannabis training program is live and available to learners on multiple platforms. 

2022 Greenway Readers’ Choice Award Winners for Best Training and Educational Consultants, the Cannabis Care Team supports safe access for patients to cannabis medicine and brings that mentality to ensuring retail cannabis professionals have access to evidence-based training. 

Seed Talent is a collection of cannabis industry veterans and professional development experts on a mission to launch, build, and advance careers for cannabis industry professionals and support the companies that depend on them. 

Since 2019, the Cannabis Care Team has devoted itself to the goal of educating about cannabis as medicine for everyone from patients to families, operators to budtenders, and alternative medical professionals to the most conservative and skeptical traditional clinicians. In just 2 short years, CCT has conducted over 350 private patient consultations and trained over 325 industry professionals. Their in-person training has been lauded as the most comprehensive training available for budtenders. A dedication to interactive training and content and styles that appeal to adult learners has proven to be rewarding and has furthered their mission exponentially. 

Changes in the market, as well as the explosive growth in the industry of new employment opportunities in retail cannabis, have made it clear that the need for virtual training is growing. “Our newest strategic partnership with Seed Talent is for anyone interested in our training that is part of a larger organization. We like this platform for a number of reasons, but one of our favorite features available is the ability to take free versions of other courses hosted on the platform,” added Mozingo. 

Seed Talent’s CEO Kurt Kaufmann describes the platform’s genesis, “We believe that universal access to baseline knowledge of cannabis is fundamental to the equitable growth of our industry. In line with that belief, we offer our Principles of Cannabis bundle of courses to all platform members free of charge for life.” 


“We know that the budtender holds the customer’s attention and can heavily influence their purchases and provide an experience that will drive loyalty and repeat business. Non-educated consumers buying products from non-educated retail staff leads to overconsumption and ineffective symptom management. We provide education about the plant and everything you’d expect for a cannabis training program, but as clinicians, we also provide the ability to effectively listen to customers and can meet their needs more effectively to find the right product types,” added April Hatch, RN, MSN and co-founder of CCT.

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