New friends: Introducing Missouri medical cannabis patients to the CBG and CBN cannabinoids

New friends: Introducing Missouri medical cannabis patients to the CBG and CBN cannabinoids


For new and experienced users alike, edible products are a sensational option for your medical needs. After flower, edibles are by far the second most talked about product in our dispensary with our patients on a daily basis. Edibles delivered a measured dose discreetly, allowing the patient to truly dose themselves to their desired levels. With the potential for edibles to benefit most medical patients, it is important to understand all of the different options available at your local dispensary. Our edible selection at Kansas City Cannabis always features a broad selection of brands, different strengths, cannabinoids, and flavors. Within the past two months or so, we have seen an increase in products containing CBN and CBG, two different cannabinoids that brands are using to their advantage in their Missouri-grown edibles. Let’s take a look at what this means for you!

CBN, or cannabinol, is a cannabinoid being introduced to Missouri patients across the state as we speak. Cannabinol is a non-intoxicating compound, meaning the patient can still dose their typical amounts of THC while enjoying the benefits CBN has to offer. THC is converted into CBN over time due to poor storage or simply age. A visual example I like to share with my patients is stating if you left a joint in your closet for some years, then smoked it, a lot of the THC once present will then be converted into CBN. The listed potential benefits of CBN include antibacterial and neuroprotectant properties, anti-inflammatory and even appetite stimulation. While sleep is not listed here, this compound is widely being used in products that are geared toward helping patients achieve a quality night of sleep. While sedation is not a listed benefit, it is believed that strains high in CBN are also naturally high in sedative cannabis terpenes. This combination of THC, CBN, and natural sedative terpenes create a lovely entourage effect, leaving the user feeling sleepy and ready for a night of rest.

If this is something you might benefit from, I recommend turning to the always-reliable Proper Cannabis. Proper utilizes CBN in their Good Night sleep line, featuring 1:1:1 ratio gummies and also disposable cartridges. I recommend these products to anyone struggling with insomnia or anxiety at night time, and they currently retail at $30 for the 100 mg package of Dreamberry gummies, and $50 for the All-In-One Vaporizer!

Along with CBN, there has been another cannabinoid gaining traction in the dispensary lately. Cannabigerol, or CBG, is a non-psychoactive minor cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. While CBG is still a relatively new cannabinoid in terms of medical use, the known benefits of CBG make it something worth trying in your daily routine. CBG is often referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” as the cannabinoids we all know and love (THC & CBD), both originate from cannabigerol. CBG is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and even acts as a hunger stimulant, perfect for those suffering from eating disorders or other food-related issues. There is even some evidence available to show CBG could help maintain bone and tissue integrity throughout the


body. Also worth mentioning, we know CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, much like CBD. This means patients can add CBD or CBG to their daily routine, without worrying about over-medicating due to adding a new compound to their body. Cannabigerol is actually a CB1 antagonist, meaning CBG will actually help limit the high a patient feels from the THC they consumed. Due to all the reported benefits, I definitely recommend checking out a product containing CBG, the wide range of benefits make it an appealing option for most Missouri medical patients.

With the rapid expansion of Missouri’s medical market, patients have more products available to them than ever before. Whether you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety issues, or simply want to trigger the munchies, CBG or CBN might be worth checking out! As always, medicate responsibly and be sure to come check out me and my friends at Kansas City Cannabis.


Dustin Alexander | Kansas City Cannabis

Dustin Alexander brings years of pharmaceutical experience to the cannabis field and his role as a Budtender at Kansas City Cannabis. Dustin strives to help patients meet their medical needs, combining his experience with his growing passion for cannabis. Dustin’s work is dedicated to giving back to an industry that he knows and loves while helping Kansas City Metro patients to maximize their daily quality of life through cannabis.