Revolution announces Spectra rebrand and product expansion offering controlled ratio CBD:THC line for medical and adult use patients

Revolution announces Spectra rebrand and product expansion offering controlled ratio CBD:THC line for medical and adult use patients


Continuing its innovation, cannabis operator Revolution announced the re-launch of Spectra, a favorite brand of patients for its unique minor cannabinoid-rich full spectrum formulations, CBD : THC ratio variations, and controlled dosing. Spectra now includes two products found only in the Spectra line – V-RSO (Vapable-Rick Simpson Oil), the first vapable RSO, and TEFSO (Therapeutic Edible Full Spectrum Oil), an improvement on traditional RSO that ensures more batch-to-batch consistency, with a clean taste and aroma. Each product will also include a Sleep formulation, containing the cannabinoid CBN known for sleep-inducing properties.

Spectra’s product line will now include the following in multiple CBD:THC ratios:

“We’ve reformulated our Spectra line to increase the healing potential of each product,” said Dusty Shoyer, President and COO of Revolution. “Each product still contains our proprietary 7-Strain Blend – oil derived from multiple strains of premium cannabis to ensure every product is fully balanced with cannabinoids and terpenes, and every dose works effectively.”

Spectra has been a patient favorite in Illinois, and Revolution is committed to continuing to provide therapeutic products with proprietary formulations, in new innovative consumption formats. The Spectra brand also has a new look, showcasing the CBD:THC ratios on the packaging alongside extensive product education in a clean and updated look and feel.


“Spectra is a brand for those who seek balance and harmony from cannabis,” said Molly Longest, Spectra Brand Manager. “The combination of CBD and THC largely determines how we interact with cannabis, along with our unique body chemistry, and Spectra’s product portfolio features an array of CBD:THC ratios that give every individual a space to discover the right ratio, dose, and format for them. We’re so excited to bring these product updates and innovations to market to meet the needs of each user that turns to Spectra.”

Spectra products can be found at most Medical and Adult Use dispensaries in Illinois. More information about the brand and products can be found on the newly launched Spectra website.

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