St. Louis dispensary burglary string continues overnight

St. Louis dispensary burglary string continues overnight


Another overnight burglary in St. Louis was perpetrated against a legal medical marijuana dispensary, this time the Valley Park 3Fifteen Primo location was targeted.

The latest in a string of attacks on St. Louis area cannabis dispensaries saw a group of at least 9 suspects break through the front exterior door of the dispensary before gaining access through internal doors.

The front glass was shattered with a large rock, the same technique used to gain access to the Greenlight Dispensary location at 6497 Chippewa in late July.

Since mid-July, dispensary burglaries in the St. Louis area have become a growing issue.

Earlier this week, a group rammed a vehicle through the front wall to create an opening in a burglary of the Florissant location of Cookies St. Louis.


The patterns of each of the roughly 10 burglaries and attempted burglaries in just over a month’s time lead many to believe that the pattern is orchestrated.

For dispensaries and other medical marijuana facilities, security experts say the key is prevention and an honest assessment of their current vulnerabilities.

While many of the previous burglaries have resulted in little to no financial loss or significant damage, the increased boldness and frequency should put operators on high alert.