Puff or Pass: Smokus Focus review

Puff or Pass: Smokus Focus review


Smokus Focus.  Catchy name, yes?  Our review for this product wasn’t requested by the manufacturer, but we did receive one of their products in a gift pack that we won in a drawing and we instantly liked it and wanted to tell others about it. 

As is often the case with cannabis accessories and products, this isn’t a MUST have, but a great to have – that is – if you like to see your flower and experience more than just a cursory glance.  Home cultivators?  This is for you – this will add additional validation to the quality of the medicine you’re producing, will be great for your ego, and in some cases, will help you educate others about just how incredible the cannabis plant is.  

This particular review isn’t a long one – the product is simple, but genius.  The Smokus Focus is a plastic jar, with a screw top lid, but the real magic is in the magnifying lens on the top and the led light built into the lid.  If you’ve viewed sniff jars in dispensaries, this is along the same vein, only we think Smokus Focus takes it a step further.  

In a 2” x 2” x 2” cube, you simply place a nug of flower inside, twist the lid, and push the power button.  Peek in from the top and you can see all of those beautiful trichomes, up close and personal.  No battery is necessary, as a simple charging cord is included and the battery life is extensive. 

The colors are lit by the built-in LED light and the magnification is extreme.  During our testing, we made it a practice to put a bud in every time someone new was around and made people view through the Smokus Focus so they knew exactly what they were going to consume.


Even those intimately acquainted with seeing the beauty of buds were impressed by this – especially when cultivators were present and looking at their own product.  As far as must-haves go, this won’t do anything to make your product better or different, but for being able to actually see the intricacy of your flower, it’s great to have!  

We happily give this one a PUFF!