Nuthera Labs launches Panda Fruits

Nuthera Labs launches Panda Fruits


Introducing Nuthera’s newest member of the family, Panda Fruits! 

These plant-based gummies are packed with flavor and won’t melt in your pocket! 

With 8 mouth-watering flavors like watermelon agave and lime mojito, as well as ratio, FECO, and fast-acting nano options, Panda Fruits truly has something for everyone. 

Nuthera’s team of confectionary wizards, led by a veteran gourmet candy maker has poured his skills and love into these new jellies! 


Crafting the perfect patient experience is our team’s number one mission and Nuthera is proud to share these efforts with our fellow Missourians. Visit your favorite dispensary today and ask your budtender for Panda Fruits!


About Nuthera Labs

Nuthera is firmly rooted in our passion for the art of science and cannabis, seeded in Missouri by Missourians. Our signature lines are distinct and developed with care and intention. Each product line leverages unique ingredients with different consumption offerings, so that our consumers have options to fit their preferences and lifestyle.
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