Cannabis coffee pods coming to Missouri


Coffee Pods with fast-acting THC, CBD and CBG are coming to dispensaries across Missouri.

A new partnership between two Springfield-based brands – Missouri’s Own Edibles and The Coffee Ethic – will bring cannabis-infused coffee pods to dispensary shelves around the Show-Me State starting Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022.

The Cannabis Coffee Pods will sell for about $28 per pack, with single-serve options also available. Missouri dispensaries carrying the coffee pods include the following:

  • Bloc
  • Blue Sage
  • Cassville
  • Farmer’s Wife
  • Flora Farms
  • Greenlight
  • Kind Goods
  • Latitude
  • Missouri Health & Wellness
  • Missouri Wild Alchemy
  • N’ Bliss
  • Nature Med
  • Nature’s Medicines
  • Releaf
  • Swade St. Peters

Everyday cannabis users love combining it with coffee because the effects are so complementary. Caffeine helps offset the sedative effects of cannabis” said Boston Dickerson, CEO of Show-Me Organics, which owns the Missouri’s Own brand.

Missouri’s Own Cannabis Coffee | Missouri’s Own Edibles and The Coffee Ethic Collaboration

The pods are infused with nano-emulsified cannabis, meaning the effects take hold in about 10 minutes to better coincide with the immediate effects of coffee. The coffee pods will contain 10mg THC, 10mg of CBD, and 2mg of CBG.

“Cannabis users are familiar with the ‘Entourage Effect,’ which describes the nuanced effects of consuming cannabis beyond just THC, and it was important for us to include CBD and CBG, because the experience better complements the effects of caffeine,” said Show-Me Organics Chief Science Officer Montana Dickerson.

This is the second partnership Missouri’s Own has formed with a non-cannabis company, following the recent launch of Twice Baked Red Hot Riplets with St. Louis-based chipmaker Old Vienna. Like the THC infused chips, the cannabis-infused coffee pods are a first for Missouri.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a local cannabis company dedicated to high-quality products,” said Michelle Billonis, CEO of The Coffee Ethic. “We love that these products are being sold in local dispensaries and stimulating our economy.”




Springfield, Missouri-based Show-me Organics is committed to bringing world-class cannabis products to patients in Missouri. A product-driven, patient-focused company, Show-Me Organics is the parent company for brands including Vivid, Blue Sage Cannabis Company and Buoyant Bob. For more information, visit


Vivid’s combines the precision of modern science with traditional hash making techniques, bringing products to Missouri that are on the forefront of cannabis innovation globally. Vivid’s wide range of products derives from the brand’s focus on different cannabis users and is built on understanding cannabis affects everyone differently. Learn more at


Missouri’s Own is a brand of edibles from Vivid that launched in March. The brand celebrates Missouri’s vast botanical diversity with flavors inspired by locally cultivated fruits, such as Pawpaw, Raspberry, Concord Grape and more. Missouri’s Own also celebrates the state’s flavors by partnering with locally loved brands to create cannabis infused versions of iconic local foods.


The Coffee Ethic sources the highest quality coffees and is dedicated to the art and science of brewing. The mission is to serve everyone in the coffee community: growers, suppliers, vendors, customers, employees, our families and the Springfield community. Founded in 2007, The Coffee Ethic desires to be a sustainable and enterprising venture.