Missouri voters continue to show strong support for marijuana legalization

Missouri voters continue to show strong support for marijuana legalization


A new survey conducted in late July, returned similar results to one completed in May of this year.

In May, SurveyUSA sampled 1,782 registered Missouri voters, 62% of respondents said that marijuana should be legalized for adult use.

Data from May 17, 2022 | SurveyUSA

Between July 24 and July 27, SurveyUSA interviewed 2,400 Missouri adults online. The survey results varied slightly in some response areas, but found the same result with 62% of those interviewed saying they were in favor of marijuana legalization for recreational purposes.


Data from July 28, 2022 | SurveyUSA


Earlier this year, legalization efforts in the state capitol failed to find enough support to cross the finish line. While legislators pushed multiple pieces of legislation in efforts to legalize marijuana, fundamental disagreements about regulation and oversight seemed to derail the most promising efforts.


The Legal Missouri 2022 campaign turned in over 400,000 signatures in support of marijuana legalization for adult use in Missouri, but recent reports have shown that the signature count is closer than expected in 2 key districts.

Should the campaign fail to validate enough signatures in those districts, any discussion of marijuana legalization in Missouri would  die for the remainder of 2021.

Legal Missouri 2022 supporters expect to find enough valid signatures to push the IP over the hump.

The deadline for verification is August 9.

See more data from the most recent survey here.