World Wide Weed: FloEnvy shares the biggest international cannabis stories (so far) in 2022 


The Innovative Cannabis Cultivation Software Company Releases Need-To-Know News For Those Eager To Break Into The Developing Marijuana Markets Across The Globe. 


FloEnvy, the leader in the cultivation management and seed-to-sale software space, has released a report detailing major updates in cannabis policy and investment across Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

The recreational and medical marijuana industries have continued to rapidly expand since the late 2010s, leaving it nearly impossible to stay completely up-to-date on all major news and breaking stories across the world. Hemp/CBD also plays an enormous role as stricter, conservative nations begin to allow the cultivation and distribution of smokable hemp, concentrates, and other derivative products. Day to day, week to week, new laws are being introduced, government-funded studies are being conducted, and businesses are being created to support the burgeoning green wave that is taking over the globe. 

FloEnvy’s report has distilled the fifteen biggest stories from Q1 and Q2 of this year into a quick read, ensuring leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and curious individuals won’t miss out on opportunities anywhere. Also included are five predictions for the remaining two quarters of 2022 – extremely vital information for those looking to stay a step ahead of the competition. 

“What FloEnvy has provided here is a concise report, packed with information that many have missed due to so much focus from major media honing in on a few certain markets and their attention-grabbing headlines. The everyday people in our industry, and those who may be researching the industry, need a quick way to really determine what’s gone on so far this year – and just as importantly – what to anticipate over the next six months,” said Joshua Litton, Director of Business Operations at FloEnvy. 


About FloEnvy 


FloEnvy is an international cannabis technology company providing the industry-leading software solution to track and house all cannabis cultivation variables in one system. From startup farms to the largest commercial grows in the world, FloEnvy delivers a single solution for managing cultivation, logistics, financial, and environmental data – all through a simple and intuitive platform. Compliance is made easy by directly integrating with METRC, generating monthly HealthCanada reports with a single button, or maintaining EU-GMP certification with quality management workflows, user permission controls, an SOP builder, and more. With

happy clients across 5 countries and 18 METRC states, FloEnvy is the only software capable of handling the full cannabis supply chain on a global scale. 







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