Ostara continues to create new beginnings


Nestled in the Huzzah Valley of Missouri wine country is one of the state’s premier marijuana operations. Ostara Cannabis, a sun-grown cultivation and manufacturing operation, has been one of the state’s most consistent and adaptive marijuana brands since its inception. Now, the brand continues to reinvent and renew, fittingly reflecting its brand name, continuing to bring new products, offerings, and beginnings to the state.

Star Tabs | Ostara


Now, Ostara is set to debut Star Tabs, the company’s newest entry into Missouri’s marijuana-infused edibles market. Low-dose chewable infused candies, Star Tabs are Ostara’s first micro-dose option.

“We are super excited for this product, which is the first of its kind in Missouri,” explained Ostara’s Dan Welsh.  “Our Star Tabs are a pressed tablet product that is similar in consistency to a Pez or a SweetTart, and in typical Ostara fashion, are offered in fruit flavors that span the rainbow.” 

“The Star Tabs are dosed with 2mg of THC, and come in a pack of 50.  We think patients will love the flavor and consistency and will appreciate the ability to dose to their desired level.”

Star Tabs will hit dispensary shelves this week.  With a 100mg package, 50 tabs, retailing for $19.99, only at select retailers.  Star Tabs will initially launch with five unique flavors;  Lemon-Lime, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Black Cherry. With more flavors to follow.

Ahead of the launch of Ostara’s newest product, Greenway spoke to Welsh about the company’s journey thus far and what still lies ahead.

“Ostara’s mission from day one has been to provide affordable plant-based medicine for the patients of Missouri,” explained Welsh. “Our entire business plan was based on fulfilling that mission.”  

“Ostara Cannabis products are borne from sun-grown, farm-fresh cannabis that is grown with care at our farm in the Huzzah valley.  Growing under the sun enables our team to produce medical products at a fraction of the cost of an indoor grow, and we pass those cost savings down to our loyal patients. The end result is high-quality products with sun-kissed terpenes that we are proud to be able to offer at farm-to-table prices.”

The Ostara brand is deeply tied to the agricultural roots of the community, but the brand identity stretches far beyond just the name. 

“Before the days of artificial lights and big ag, farmers and their crops alike relied upon the sun to guide them through the annual harvest cycle,” Welsh said. “The spring equinox, aka Ostara, is the time of year when we experience equal amounts of daylight and darkness—and also marks the unofficial beginning of Spring. Our brand taps into that spirit of renewal and balance.”

Part of that spirit of balance is evident in the company’s approach to sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

“This is a major focal point for our company. Everything begins with the plants. The fact that we grow under the sun, utilizing a variety of innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, enables us to reduce our carbon footprint tremendously.”  

“There’s no question that the minimization of the strain on the power grid is certainly welcome in the oppressive summer heat that our region is currently experiencing.”


“While our team has deep agricultural roots, we also rely upon state-of-the-art fertigation systems and sustainable growing media to ensure we are doing what we can to conserve natural resources. In addition, we have specifically selected packaging that is made from 100% recyclable material with zero added adhesives. We are basically always on the lookout for innovative solutions to further reduce our carbon footprint, and we plan to remain an industry leader in this respect at all times,” Welsh said.

Why were the company’s carbon footprint and environmental impact a focal point for leadership?

“Ostara is unique to a certain degree, in that the brand was created to be heavily focused on the things that matter to the patients of Missouri.  Whether you grew up on a farm, or in one of our state’s urban centers, the odds are that you appreciate affordable medicine, and you care about the environment, as we do. We believe that being a responsible steward for the environment goes hand in hand with providing affordable medicine for the patients of Missouri.”

Ostara has been one of the most consistently consumer-friendly priced brands in the state since its inception, is that intentional?

“100%.  Even though we were one of the first brands to market, we didn’t want to take advantage of the patients of Missouri by offering our products at artificially high prices.  That would have been the opposite of our company’s patient-centric mission.  As a result, we launched at extremely affordable price points, and have remained the most friendly priced branded products on the market ever since.  I think our patients have appreciated that, and have remained loyal ever since.  We have been one of the best-selling brands in the market so far.”

Ostara produces multiple products, all under the same brand banner – what is the most popular product currently?

“I believe that we are still the #1 seller of vape carts in Missouri.  That was our first product to market, and patient feedback has been tremendous.  Folks tend to appreciate the fact our distillate is produced from full flower, sun-grown cannabis, as opposed to trim and shake.  That kind of sets us apart from most of the others.  Having said that, our Ostara Sour Gummies are really picking up a lot of momentum in the marketplace.  The $16 price point for a great quality edible product is hard to turn down.”

Ostara has made a handful of changes since its launch, including changes to hardware for vape carts, what were the reasons for some of the changes?

“We launched our vape carts with a high-end, well-known line of hardware.  We wanted to bring the patients of Missouri a real high-quality option right out of the gate.  What we found however is that some patients were having trouble with battery compatibility, and some patients were having trouble figuring out the adjustable airflow option.  Those issues were leading to a less than optimal customer experience.  As a result, we listened carefully and made the switch a while ago to a more user-friendly C-Cell line of hardware.  The feedback has been tremendous ever since. Patients seem to love the quality and consistency, and they certainly love the $40 price point.”

The Ostara Gold line is a selection of higher-potency products, what is some of the feedback you’ve received about Ostara Gold?

“While our farm is tucked away in the Huzzah valley, we happen to have a state-of-the-art extraction lab and an all-star team of experienced scientists and technicians who are breaking new ground in the creation of infused products – including the production of high potency distillate.  Our team is capable of consistently pumping out pure, full-flower distillate well above the 90% potency threshold.  Our Ostara Gold line is where you will find our high potency vape carts and our high dose edibles.  Cancer patients and other high tolerance patients have appreciated the higher potency and higher dosed products – which are still offered at affordable price points.” 

What’s next for Ostara?

“We are extremely ambitious on the new product development front.  Now that we have our Rise, Balance, and Rest gummies on the shelves, and Star Tabs coming this week, we are deep into production on a significant number of exciting new products.  We expect to release a series of new SKU’s and new lines over the coming months, including a few surprises!  We won’t rest until the patients of Missouri have a full suite of affordable Ostara medicinal products to choose from.”