Cova Software launches Cova Pay, modern payment solutions for U.S. cannabis retailers

Cova Software launches Cova Pay, modern payment solutions for U.S. cannabis retailers


Cova Software (“Cova” or “the Company”), a leading cannabis Point of Sale (POS) software company powering over 2,000 dispensaries across North America, announced the company will now support secure and convenient digital payment options, starting with debit card processing, for its U.S. dispensary customers through Cova Pay.

Cova brings a rare wealth of expertise to the payments space, where complex regulations and unproven solutions have challenged retailers. The company has supported the full range of debit and credit card payments across Canada since federal legalization.

“We support the success of retailers by making the complex simple,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software. “We know the importance of making payments seamless, secure, and simple for customers. Cova Pay is not only an immediate solution but a payment platform that will allow retailers to pivot as banking laws change. Cova is happy to provide U.S. cannabis retailers access to modern payment options to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.”

The new payment options will be available immediately for the company’s U.S. customer base and will include ACH payment processing later this year. This addition to Cova’s award-winning retail service offerings will aid in dispensaries’ success by utilizing Cova’s extensive experience, backed by the company’s signature reliability and hands-on customer support.

“Cova customers who offer cashless payment options report an increase of 25%-35% in average basket size, and earn higher overall daily sales totals,” said Cohen.


Cova’s industry-setting standard of 100% uptime during high volume periods enables retailers to take advantage of these modern tools without compromising a store’s operational efficiency.

The launch of Cova Pay brings U.S. dispensaries the expertise that has helped Canadian cannabis operators provide cashless services since 2018. The company aims to help retailers boost sales and attract new customers with convenient and familiar payment options.

Cova Pay will always equip retailers with the latest compliant payment methods as evolving regulations, and innovative solutions make cannabis shopping more convenient for customers.

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About   Cova:

Cova builds innovative software solutions specifically for cannabis retail. Its Award-Winning POS & Inventory Management platform simplifies compliance and streamlines complex operations. Cova’s seamless e-commerce and delivery integrations empower retailers to choose best-in-class tech solutions that help build their brand and safeguard customer loyalty. Ease of use, industry-leading support, and enterprise-proven scalability have made Cova the #1 cannabis POS in North America, trusted to power more than 2,000 retail locations.