Gold Rush Premium Extracts hit Missouri dispensaries

Gold Rush Premium Extracts hit Missouri dispensaries


Gold Rush Premium Extracts started in 2019 with a dream and a CO2 machine. Since then, our company has grown into a multi-state operation with years of cannabis cultivation and processing experience. We want patients to “Feel the Rush” of true, full-plant, full-spectrum medicine aimed towards bettering patients’ lives and improving the image of cannabis in every market possible.

Gold Rush’s founders and team bring a long history of experience in a variety of fields, ranging from legal services, oil and gas, military operations, large-scale contracting, and beverage distribution. This broad background allows us to move quickly with developing markets to create effective strategies that distribute vital information and superior medicine to patients nationwide.

Gold Rush Premium Extracts


Education is a key component of all Gold Rush operations. Our mission can’t be fulfilled without helping patients understand the benefits of full-plant and full-spectrum medicine. While full-spectrum has been a hot word for years, understanding how it applies to a patient’s needs requires vigorous and vigilant teaching. The most popular products on the market are not always suitable for a patient’s particular needs, and could potentially turn away new users that are not used to high-potency products sold in dispensaries. With medical marijuana being a relatively new industry for Missouri, we know there is a learning curve. That’s why we are committed to offering ongoing education to our retailers to ensure their patients are able to receive industry-leading care. We believe the cannabis industry as a whole has a duty to share this information, and we strive to lead the charge.

Gold Rush is launching into the Missouri market with its flagship product: CO2-extracted, strain-specific, full-spectrum cartridges. Here are some features that set us apart from other cartridges you may have tried that will help you “Feel the Rush.”

Gold Rush Premium Extracts enter Missouri with .55 gram cartridges


CO2 cartridge highlights:

  • Patients get 10% more product and the cartridges appear full every time
    • 550mg rather than 500mg
  • Considered “solvent-free”
    • CO2 molecules are too small to bind to concentrate
  • Choose the experience that’s right for you
    • Strain-specific
    • Robust cannabinoid and terpene profiles give you truly different experiences with every strain
  • We only use the best and most trusted quality hardware — Premium CCELL hardware
    • It boasts the lowest failure rate and exchange rate in the industry
  • The “high” will be very similar to the strain listed
    • Compared to more common distillate cartridges, it will last longer and have a more mellow onset
  • Smooth pull and taste
    • Using native cannabis terpenes instead of artificial terpenes
    • No cutting agents such as MCT oil

With more than 400 products available in our home market of Oklahoma, you can count on more Gold Rush products being offered in your favorite local dispensary throughout 2022 and 2023. We look forward to being a part of the communities we serve and welcome your feedback about our products. Email us at

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