Crown Jewels: Vivid debuts Rose Quartz diamonds in Missouri

Crown Jewels: Vivid debuts Rose Quartz diamonds in Missouri


The progress of Missouri’s cannabis industry is evident in growing sales, new products, and better quality. Vivid, a Missouri-based medical marijuana manufacturing company, has become a beacon of the industry’s progress through a model of constant innovation on behalf of patients.

The company’s most recent launch brought THC-infused potato chips to Missouri patients by partnering Vivid’s Missouri’s Own brand with the iconic Red Hot Riplets brand. After launching Missouri’s Own earlier this year—Vivid’s line of edibles featuring locally inspired flavors—Vivid is upping the ante yet again by bringing different types of THC diamonds to market in celebration of 710. The rollout includes THC diamonds with a pink hue called Rose Quartz, and a limited run of giant THC diamonds that range in size from 4-9 grams. 

The giant diamonds are on display at select dispensaries through the end of July and will be raffled off to patients at participating dispensaries as part of a promotion dubbed The Crown Jewel Giveaway. The promotion coincides with discounted pricing and sales on Vivid concentrates at participating dispensaries. Patients can enter The Vivid Crown Jewel Giveaway raffle by purchasing Vivid concentrates at participating dispensaries in July.


The team at Vivid has creates the Rose Quartz colored diamonds by reintroducing natural plant pigment back into the diamonds, creating extracts that are as visually stunning as they are potent. 

“Part of the excitement around diamonds comes from seeing them up close in person,” said Chief Science Officer Montana Dickerson. “Our Rose Quartz feature a pink hue found naturally in the cannabis plant, while the large diamonds carry a close resemblance to what you’d expect to see in a jewelry store. Both are a sight to behold.”

Vivid aims to bring products to Missouri that are on the cutting edge of cannabis globally. The Rose Quartz are the first colored diamonds in Missouri, with additional diamond products to follow. 

“The most interesting thing about our philosophy is that we spend a lot of time brainstorming about patient problems and product gaps, inadvertently creating an infinite discovery loop,” explained Vivid’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Billmeyer.


Diamonds are formed in a lengthy process (often taking months) of extracting and isolating specifically the THC-A molecule and cultivating what in the end appears visually almost identical to a raw diamond. 


The process is completed by removing all terpene and additional cannabinoids into a liquid product often referred to as “terp sauce” but scientifically referred to as HTE (High Terpene Extract). These separated products are thought to be the best of the best that Hydrocarbon extraction has to offer, in terms of both quality of medicine and potency. THC-A diamonds, if done correctly, test at a rate near 100 percent, often reaching 99 percent or better. THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is the precursor and raw form of THC. The higher the percentage of THC-A the more potent a raw cannabis product is.  

“We think about concentrates as an opportunity to make the strongest medicinal product, and give our patients the highest concentration of medicine.” Billmeyer believes that innovation and a desire to constantly improve will “not only provide accessible products for patients but grow the number of patients as well, making sure we deliver products that people need while continuing to innovate.”


In addition to the diamonds, Vivid is celebrating 710 by partnering with Dip Devices and the St. Louis-based 710 Tools to bring limited-edition dab tools to dispensaries across the state. The lineup includes 710 Tools’ Paddle, Travel Spade, and Bird Bath isopropyl dispenser. 

“Concentrate users understand the notion of a ‘vivid high’ because it’s a cleaner high that can provide mental clarity,” said Show-Me Organics CEO, Boston Dickerson. “We partnered with 710 Tools and Dip Devices to offer high-quality hardware to help make our expertly extracted concentrates more accessible and enjoyable to all.”