Puff or Pass: Grav Glass Joint Review

Puff or Pass: Grav Glass Joint Review


Survey a robust cross-section of patients or consumers for their opinion on cannabis products and you’ll find evangelists and detractors for everything cannabis-related – flower, lighters, gummies, accessories, the list goes on and on.  In the Missouri market, we’re two years into our medical program and product selection continues to grow in dispensaries in both cannabis products and non-cannabis products.  

Long-time glass experts at GRAV have managed to surprise and delight us yet again with their GRAV Glass Joints. For anyone who struggles with rolling a joint or filling their own cones, this is your new jam!  

Since not everyone is visual, we’ll start with the basics – here’s what you need to know about the base model. 

Grav | Fill Your Own Glass Joints


The entire product is housed in the plastic pop-top on the right, including the mouthpiece show next to it.  On the left, you’ll see the interior – composed of 7 glass tubes with rubber stoppers on each end, these individual “joints” can hold 0.5 grams of ground flower.  Fill all 7 and you’ve got capacity for ⅛ total.  

Each of the tubes sits in the “revolver-like” carriage you see above and you can fill them all at one time using an add-on accessory or one at a time if you like variety.  Seems like a simple concept, but how is this such a game changer?  Using myself as an example, I use cannabis prior to bed at night to help me relax enough to avoid the insomnia that has plagued me for decades and previously only helped with pharmaceuticals.  However, as one person with a fairly low tolerance, if I have a preroll, I won’t smoke the whole thing in one sitting, so instead, the next night it’s not quite fresh and there has been degradation from sitting on an ashtray in the open.  Could I put it in a tube overnight, sure, but that gets messy and gross, quite frankly.  With the glass joints, I can fill all 7 at the start of the week and remove one for use as I need to. For what I don’t consume the same night, I can cap it off and pull it back out the next night.  In the center of the storage carriage, you’ll find a mouthpiece with a silicon gasket what makes for easy insertion in the tubes.  As a result of my own OCD need for clean gear, I drop my mouthpiece into a sealed container of rubbing alcohol (sans gasket) and the next day, it’s brand new again. 

Grav Glass Joint


Economically, these glass joints are designed to last, but their low price point makes them easy to replace when accidents happen. You can fill a single joint for an afternoon hike, or prep all 7 for a weekend getaway. These joints are designed for travel, but also make for a great way to host company.  When I’m having people over who are also patients and we’re trying different flower, this is an easy way for everyone to have his/her own and I can prep ahead of time.  

The “starter” base model retails from GRAV for $14.99 and there are a multitude of add-ons that I found to be great as well.  I purchased the starter, the filling system (below) for filling all 7 at once, and additional mouthpieces.  Also a must in my household, the party pack of additional tubes – because the fact is, sometimes you drop glass on ceramic or concrete and it’s glass! 

The quality of smoking via this gadget is even better than expected, as you can truly taste the flower and not the paper and you can expose as much or as little as you need to keep it burning. The coughing and hacking that can accompany some prerolls is non-existent with these and the ability to view the flower and see exactly how much is left is helpful.  Once you finish one, simply drop into the cleaner of your choice and it’s ready to reload.  I find that loading 7 with my nighttime strain and another 7 with a variety of my choosing, I can grab and go or grab and consume without having to roll, stuff, or pack.  

While these were marketed at MJBiz as something for dispensaries to fill and sell with their own flower, I find as an end-user these have truly changed the game for me and I find myself recommending them to peers and patients alike.  I appreciate the simplicity, the GRAV history of quality, and ease of use. For those who roll joints or fill cones today – don’t be afraid to try this budget-friendly gem and see if you find it to be the game-changer we do! Want to see it in action?  Watch the promo video here.

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