Surfside launches Retail Intelligence Targeting for inventory-level ad campaigns


Surfside Solutions Inc. (“Surfside”), an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates first-party data across all customer touchpoints, today announced the general availability of Retail Intelligence Targeting to enterprise clients, a feature of the Surfside Platform that allows cannabis dispensaries and brands to create dynamic digital advertising campaigns based on product availability.

Made possible by Surfside’s best-in-class integrations across point-of-sale systems and ecommerce platforms, Retail Intelligence Targeting offers clients an innovative way to build rule-based ad campaigns triggered by inventory levels and market trends. By setting parameters based on brand, SKU levels, product category, or competitor inventory levels, cannabis businesses can make sure every ad dynamically adjusts in real-time to what’s actually in stock.

With the addition of Retail Intelligence Targeting to the Surfside Platform, advertisers can:

  • Create rule-based ad campaigns automated by inventory levels. Adjust ad spend, creative, and product promotions based on real-time inventory data to increase marketing when overstocked or decrease spend when inventory is low.
  • Build competitive conquesting campaigns. Target shoppers of competing retailers or brands when competitors are out of stock of a customer’s favorite product to drive conversions for your store or brand.
  • Personalize ads based on SKU-level availability. Match ad creative to custom built audiences tailored to specific products and categories at the store-level, offering highly relevant ads for each location depending on availability and consumer preferences.

“With Surfside’s Retail Intelligence Targeting, we’re giving brands and retailers a revolutionary new way to create ad campaigns that can dynamically adapt to the latest changes in product inventory, popularity, and market trends, whether at their own retail location, a partner location, or a competitor,” says Michael Blanche, co-founder at Surfside. “With this new feature, Surfside continues to lead the way in giving our clients the ability to make every ad as agile and personalized as possible, driving a more engaging shopping experience for consumers and increased sales and efficiencies for clients.”

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Surfside is an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates first-party data across all customer touchpoints, allowing advertisers the ability to better understand, target, and measure how to influence current and future customers. Powered by the only cannabis-focused customer data platform (CDP) with a complete view and opinion on the cannabis consumer, Surfside enables cannabis businesses to find and attract qualified consumers through the monetization of their online and in-store audiences.

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