Missouri & Illinois medical marijuana patient certification offered free

Missouri & Illinois medical marijuana patient certification offered free


$10,000 Worth of Certifications to be Issued at The Blaze Cannabis Product Expo at St. Louis Union Station, June 3 and 4 

Missouri and Illinois wellness providers have banned together to provide free medical marijuana patient certification services to Missouri and Illinois residents. The producer of Blaze, an upcoming cannabis product show held at St. Louis Union Station has announced that four regional medical marijuana patient certification organizations will join together at Blaze to complete $10,000 worth of free certification services for qualifying local residents. 

On June 3 and 4, Metro East residents can meet with authorized providers one-on-one, learn about Missouri and Illinois medical marijuana programs and the respective qualifying medical conditions, and immediately complete the process onsite through an official visit with a state-licensed physician. 

“For two days, the barriers to becoming a medical marijuana patient have been removed,“ said Karin Chester, Imaginarium Enterprises Founder and CEO and the Blaze Expo producer. “Thousands of regional residents are curious about Missouri and Illinois medical marijuana programs, but haven’t followed through for a variety of reasons; access to a trusted expert and being able to afford the certification cost are among them. In collaboration with four cannabis certification companies, we’ve removed those barriers. We’ve made it free and easy,” she announced. Currently, about 155,000 Illinoisians and 185,000 Missourians are certified medical marijuana patients, Chester said. The Blaze $10,000 stipend will underwrite the cost of 125 certifications, she added. 


The participating medical marijuana certification companies include Elevate Holistics, Leafwell, HealthCity MD and Fleur Verte Academy. Each company has previously certified thousands of local residents. Onsite at Blaze, their health and wellness experts will guide individuals through each step of the medical marijuana evaluation process, and use HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms to connect the prospective patient with board-certified physicians. 

“Leafwell is privileged to be part of Blaze as the only provider able to assist both Illinois and Missouri residents,” said Emily Fisher, Leafwell Founder and CEO. “Leafwell is a place where people can get unbiased, evidence-based information, and speak with empathetic, knowledgeable providers to get certified for medical cannabis in minutes. We applaud the Blaze Expo producers for creating a specific patient education and certification zone at its two-day show, and encourage residents to take advantage of the opportunity.” 

Blaze: Missouri Brand Showcase is the first-of-its-kind consumer cannabis product expo to be held in the midwest. More than 70 exhibitors are featured on the Expo floor. Additionally celebrity chefs and glass blowing artisans are scheduled to perform. The public can attend Blaze free on Saturday, June 4, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.. To claim a free Day-Two Blaze Pass, visit www.blazemissouri.com