Good Day Farm launches Rainbow Sprinkles to celebrate PRIDE Month

Good Day Farm launches Rainbow Sprinkles to celebrate PRIDE Month

While Good Day Farm is a relative newcomer to the Missouri cannabis space, the company has been making headline-leading impressions from day one, introducing the state to its manufacturing arm and infused products by crafting the world’s largest cannabis-infused gummy.
But the Good Day Farm story isn’t just about clever guerilla marketing and making over-sized edibles, the company has consistently found ways to be involved in the community – creating unique ways to reach out and finding opportunities to give back.

In March, GDF launched Titty Sprinkles, an Indica dominant strain created for the breeder’s mother, to aid in the treatment of symptoms during a battle with breast cancer. With Titty Sprinkles, GDF donates 10% of profits from each sale to support breast cancer research. The strain and its purpose perfectly navigate the line between medical marijuana and cannabis culture, fun and funky – while producing truly therapeutic effects with particular symptoms in mind. The cultivar has been successful in helping patients treat chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia.
Now Good Day Farm is doing it again, launching Rainbow Sprinkles, a new, limited-edition selection of cannabis products celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community.
The new product line hits dispensary shelves on June 1. Available as an eighth of flower for $38 or as a half gram cartridge for $45, the of colorfully packaged cannabis line aims to celebrate PRIDE month while continuing the GDF tradition of giving back.

100% of the proceeds from the retail sales of Rainbow Sprinkles in the month of June, up to $10,000, will be donated to hyper-local charities serving the LGBTQ+ Community. In Arkansas, sales will benefit Lucie’s Place, a grassroots, direct services, and advocacy non-profit that provides TLGBQ+ young adults experiencing homelessness in Arkansas housing solutions that address homelessness as structural injustice, and efforts for the development of autonomous, liberated communities rooted in transformative justice. In Missouri, sales of Rainbow Sprinkles products will benefit The Center Project, a Community Center serving and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in Columbia and mid-Missouri since 2004.

Ahead of the launch, Greenway spoke to Laurie Gregory, Chief Marketing Officer, of Good Day Farm about Rainbow Sprinkles and the company’s approach to community.

Rainbow Sprinkles | Good Day Farm

This is the second strain, along with Titty Sprinkles, that GDF has launched with a community-focused initiative alongside, why does this seem to be such a large part of GDF’s efforts?
At Good Day Farm, we believe in helping good people, providing good cannabis, and ensuring a good day for all. Being good stewards of the communities we serve is core to our business and beliefs. By partnering with local organizations such as The Center Project in Columbia, we are able to make a big impact in our own backyard.

How did the partnership with The Center Project come to be?
We knew we wanted to support LGBTQ+ efforts in honor of Pride month and researched local organizations that were making a positive impact. The Center Project’s work in this space seemed like a great fit for our mission of serving and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in Columbia and Missouri since 2004. Our cultivation is located in Columbia and that’s where The Center Project is also located, so donating to them made sense because supporting local organizations is important to us at Good Day Farm.

What is the genetic makeup for Rainbow Sprinkles?
Rainbow Sprinkles is a unique and upbeat cultivar with uplifting effects as the name suggests. This cultivar is known to promote positive energy and spark creativity with euphoric effects. The top terpene found in this cultivar is Limonene, which is known to promote an elevated mood and relieve stress.


What makes these products unique?
The colorful packaging of Rainbow Sprinkles, which brings to life the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ+ flag, makes this a unique product. Additionally, Rainbow Sprinkles is exclusive to MO and AR – you won’t find this cultivar anywhere else in the US, making it quite unique! Rainbow Sprinkles celebrates good people, and doing good feels good. Plus, the products provide critical resources to underserved communities.

Are there other ways GDF is involved in the community?
We are always looking for ways to engage with and support the communities we serve. Earlier this month, Good Day Farm Retail was the presenting sponsor of Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas’ second-annual “Baggo, Brats N’ Blues” fundraising event. All funds raised from the event helped Habitat For Humanity continue to provide affordable housing options for families in Pulaski and Lonoke Counties.

Will Rainbow Sprinkles be available statewide, or is it exclusive to certain locations or partners?
Rainbow Sprinkles will be available at all Good Day Farm stores in Missouri and other dispensaries around the state.

What should consumers and partners know about GDF and these community-focused products?
Good Day Farm is committed to doing good year-round by providing good people with good cannabis and partnering with local and national organizations that are making a positive impact. Titty Sprinkles and Rainbow Sprinkles are just the start of our “do good” initiatives, and we look forward to introducing similar products and partnerships in the future.

“Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.”;