4 cannabis shows to watch for streaming day

4 cannabis shows to watch for streaming day


Cannabis has become more and more mainstream in recent years. As society becomes more accepting of cannabis in all its forms, cannabis in culture becomes more diverse.

Most weed-centric lists of viewing highlight classics like Cheech and Chong or Dazed and Confused, but for Streaming Day, Patients wanted to take a different approach – here are 4 Cannabis Shows to Watch for Streaming Day that focus more on cannabis in reality.


Cooked with Cannabis (Netflix)

Another entry in the competitive-cooking-show-genre, Cooked with Cannabis pits three chefs against each other to create cannabis-infused meals. Kelis and Leather Storrs judge the contestants, but the real highlight here is the star-studded guests who come to sample the flavors at the party.


High Design (Discovery +)

High Design stars HGTV alum, interior designer, and cannabis connoisseur Kim Myles. The series follows Myles as she transforms small, mom-and-pop dispensaries across the US. Somewhere between Bar Rescue and Extreme Home Makeover is High Design. It’s a fun look at what works and what doesn’t in dispensary spaces and retail settings in general. Some of the best moments come as Myles takes time to explore cannabis outside of the dispensary along the way.



Grass is Greener (Netflix)

Directed by Fab 5 Freddy, Grass is Greener takes a look at the tumultuous history of cannabis in the US.  The documentary examines the problematic and racist practices of the War on Drugs that led to mass incarceration while also looking at cannabis’ influence on the music industry and culture.


Chopped 420 (Discovery +)

Hosted by Ron Funches, Chopped 420 takes the iconic cooking competition in a greener direction as four cannabis chefs faceoff in the traditional Chopped format to create elevated cuisine for a $10,000 grand prize. Cannabis cooking shows are at peak popularity, but Chopped 420 may be the best among them.


So go, watch, enjoy, learn, get the munchies.