MOJO Dispensary and Heartland Labs partnership elevates marijuana concentrates in Missouri

MOJO Dispensary and Heartland Labs partnership elevates marijuana concentrates in Missouri


As Missouri’s market matures, more brands and products continue to find shelf space in the state’s dispensaries.

At the same time, companies are finding new and creative ways to work together to bring unique products to market.

One of the most exciting new collaborations comes from two of Missouri’s most beloved brands.

Missouri Joint Ventures has partnered with Heartland Labs to create an original experience for Missouri patients in the form of MOJO Punch, a unique blend and something that cannabis connoisseurs will passionately pursue once they’ve experienced it. MOJO Punch Chunky Badder is a cross between Purple Punch and Black Eye Katy, with crushed-up diamonds in the badder.

MOJO, a dispensary brand out of Nixa, MO, has become one of Missouri’s favorite independent dispensaries. A brand built on a passion for patients, MOJO balances a clinical approach and local feel, by understanding and embracing both marijuana as medicine and the culture that has birthed an industry.


Greenway recently had the opportunity to speak to Maddi Pearcy, Director of Operations for Heartland Enterprises, and Missouri Joint Ventures Director of Operations and Creative, Caleb Schwien, about how the partnership came to be and what Missouri’s patients can expect.

“We are both Missouri Native, family-owned and operated companies that are like-minded and keep the patients at the center of our operations,” Pearcy told Greenway.

“We have been partners with Missouri Joint Ventures since before we had products on shelves,” Pearcy continued, “they came and toured our lab while it was still under construction and we toured their dispensary before it was open. It has been a lot of fun and a great experience to have come as far as we both have in the industry and for our partnership to continue to grow.”

“Heartland has always felt like family to us here at MOJO,” Schwien explained. “Both of us being family owned and operated has allowed us to have a tight relationship with like-minded and forward-thinking people. Both of our businesses are centered around strong values where patient care is the number one priority. Heartland has always offered top-of-the-line and unique products that are available to patients at an affordable price. They are genuinely great people and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them on MOJO Punch.” 

A cross between Purple Punch and Black Eye Katy, with crushed-up diamonds in the badder – MOJO Punch | MOJO x Heartland Labs


What was the development process like between the two companies?


MP: We had talked about doing some exclusive products or collaborations in the past and we just hadn’t figured out what direction we wanted to go in. Then Hayden Pearcy, our Lab Director, and Caleb went back and forth on different product ideas and came to the conclusion of a Chunky Badder.

CS: Once reaching a final decision on the material and consistency, the team at Heartland was kind enough to have us out to their lab to teach us a little more about the process and what it takes to reach the final results. This collaboration is very special to us so we wanted to be involved in the product creation side every step of the way! 

MP: They [the MOJO staff] chose the strains and then helped whip the hash into a badder.

Crushed diamonds in the badder create a unique and user-friendly consistency – MOJO Punch | MOJO x Heartland Labs


What can you tell me about the products and the production?

CS: We chose this consistency because you get a high potency from the diamonds, which are then accompanied by terps from the nicely formed badder. “Chunky badder” is a refined form of diamonds and sauce that makes it more user friendly and easier to dab no matter what device you are using to consume. 

Purple Punch x Black Eye Katy oozes terpenes – MOJO Punch | MOJO x Heartland Labs


Will this be an exclusive? Is it a limited drop or an ongoing product?

MP: This batch of MOJO Punch is exclusive and a limited drop, but we will be partnering with Missouri Joint Ventures on other projects for other exclusive products. 

CS: [MOJO Punch is an] exclusive, limited drop, but we aren’t stopping here. Ideas never quit flowing and possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from MOJO x Heartland. 

MOJO Punch | MOJO x Heartland Labs

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