BesaMe Wellness brings new competition to Columbia with home delivery

First of its Kind Long Distance Medical Marijuana Pre-order Delivery Service 

Starting today, – a Missouri-based fully licensed cannabis dispensary – is launching their first of its kind long distance delivery service to clients in the Columbia area. Servicing those customers from their Warrensburg location, BesaMe Wellness makes delivery easy with delivery options when ordering online. Deliveries will happen in bulk weekly on designated days to streamline the long-distance delivery process.

BesaMe Wellness is filling a need in the community, as accessibility is of the utmost importance, especially to those patients who may be unable to make it to a store in person due to health conditions, busy schedules, or anything in between. Patient mobility is often overlooked when it comes to accessibility and we are proud to help service this underserved population.

“We’re very excited to be able to bring our home delivery service to the Columbia community,” said Joey Pintozzi, vice president of retail operations at BesaMe Wellness. “We’ve seen how our services are helping those in need around the greater Kansas City area, so it is inspiring to be able to provide that service to clients in a new market.”

BesaMe Wellness focuses on the patient experience and holistic wellness and is proud to offer their services to smaller communities within their delivery range. The ability to visit a dispensary without ever stepping inside is meeting modern commerce where it has been heading in the last few years.


BesaMe Wellness offers free delivery with orders over a $75 minimum, and customers can sign up for their rewards program which offers extra incentives and exclusive prices.

About BesaMe Wellness

BesaMe Wellness is a Missouri-based fully licensed cannabis dispensary built with our communities in mind. As the first medical cannabis dispensary in the greater Kansas City metro area to offer home delivery, BesaMe Wellness delivers where others do not. With 5 stores spread throughout Missouri – Smithville, North Kansas City, Warrensburg, Liberty, Kansas City – BesaMe is a leader in the home delivery market. For more information, please visit