Farmer G: A century in the making

Farmer G: A century in the making


In Missouri, the medical marijuana industry is finally hitting its stride. Nearly all of the state’s licensed dispensaries are now approved to operate. Additionally, over 75% of the required cultivation and manufacturing licenses in the state have received ATO, and Missouri has faced fewer bottlenecks in testing than other states at the onset of the program by having multiple testing facilities operational early on.

The growth of the industry also means that companies are finding their identity and building brands reflective of their story. In Macon, Agri-Genesis has established itself as a market force. A vertical with five dispensaries across the state under the Sunrise brand, the company’s brand of cultivated marijuana flower is set to hit shelves this month under the flagship moniker, “Farmer G.” While many companies’ brands tell the story of their products, Farmer G is a brand soaked in the history of the company, its leadership, and the state itself.

“Agriculture is a legacy thing. Nobody really tries to keep their kids farming, it’s just one of those things that’s kind of in your blood,” Agri-Genesis founder, Richard Gunnels said. Gunnels is a lifelong resident of Macon County and has been farming for the better part of three decades. Gunnels’ son Korbin and longtime employee, Dillon, help to run the day-to-day operations on the family farm. That farm, 3500 acres with a century-old legacy of producing a variety of crops, is the foundation of Agri-Genesis, a name that reflects the changing and transforming landscape of agriculture, and a continued legacy of farming.

Farmer G | Agri-Genesis


The Farmer G brand is more than a catchy name, it is a mirror of the founder and the driving force behind the company. The brand represents Gunnels himself and his story. Gunnels is often the warmest and most personable presence in the room. His demeanor and attitude are approachable and authentic, people are drawn to him. It’s that personality, that approachable and caring sentiment that makes Gunnels the perfect face for a brand built on tradition, community, and most importantly – caring for others.

“My uncle had Parkinson’s, and prior to Missouri legalizing medical marijuana, he would go to Florida and live there about fifty percent of the time. In Florida, his doctor talked to him about getting medical marijuana for his Parkinson’s. My uncle had never used marijuana before, but over three years – prior to voting in Missouri, I watched, firsthand, what medical marijuana could do,” Gunnels explained. “I watched him go from not being able to put a nut on a bolt to being able to work because the shaking stopped or decreased. He could function, and it really changed his life.”


Inside the Agri-Genesis Cultivation Facility in Macon, Missouri | Farmer G


The realization of the importance of medical marijuana and how it impacted his life, combined with his passion for community and expertise in agriculture drove Gunnels to form Agri-Genesis. 


“I love plants and plant science. I saw cannabis as a way to continue to farm, work and be around plants and plant science, I knew I could do more,” Gunnels explained. “Growing high quality cannabis offered at an affordable price helps people, it’s a priority.”

Farmer G flower will hit shelves just in time for 420.


When I first met Richard Gunnels he spoke little about his company or plans for products, instead, he spent much of the first hour telling me about all the positive things medical marijuana could bring to his community. Macon County has a population of just over 15,000 with a rich tradition of farming and agriculture. For Gunnels, cannabis bridges the gap between the past and the future. In a historical context, cannabis was first sewn in the state in 1835, and Missouri would become one of the nation’s largest hemp producers, trailing only Kentucky, through the mid-1800s. Now with medical marijuana and industrial hemp, cannabis is poised to reclaim its position as one of the state’s premier crops.

Farmer G cannabis flower nears harvest | Agri-Genesis


For Gunnels, cannabis means jobs and opportunity, a way to care for the people next door, and help them provide for their families. Marijuana brings new revenue and new growth to the small community while honoring the traditions built by its farming families. For Farmer G, the importance of bringing quality medicine can’t be overlooked. A dedication to community, quality, and deep concern for others, embodies everything that Farmer G and Gunnels himself represent. 

“I walk into the cultivation facility, and you can feel it, the positive energy.  Everyone is smiling and excited to be a part of this team. No matter the job description, we are a family, dedicated to serve and support our communities and each other.  That’s what makes Agri-Genesis special.” 


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