Brands to Watch:

Brands to Watch:


2021 was an exciting year for cannabis nationally, but in Missouri 2021 was the first year of being fully open for business for the state’s medical marijuana industry. With more opportunity and expansion, operators and brands are growing bigger than ever. With that in mind, Greenway has put together a list of the Brands to Watch for 2022. From homegrown talent and design to out-of-state players looking to make a big impact, these are the brands to know in 2022. may be the best-kept secret in medical marijuana, not just in Missouri. In an era where ingredients and processes matter more than ever before, and an industry built on wellness and holistic remedies, aims to be a conscientious solution for medical marijuana patients and cannabis consumers looking to improve their life and nurture their bodies.

A locally owned and operated company with a skeleton crew and a simple design, the brand often goes overlooked in dispensaries where loud packaging and vibrant colors compete for shelf space and visibility. But the simplicity of the packaging is purposeful and representative of something bigger inside. uses packaging with little flourish, opting for a direct approach and a sense of minimalism paralleled in production


“In our opinion, the consumer is more concerned with the quality of the product inside the package than what’s on the package. We believe that a minimalist yet direct approach is a calm contrast to the hectic marketing we’re exposed to daily. We also hope that our products will speak for themselves,” explained President, Justin Callaghan. “I wanted to be as clear and straightforward as possible about what was inside. I believe that our packaging has a look of understated elegance while being functional and compliant with DHSS requirements.”

Inside the packaging, patients find quality and craftsmanship rooted in wellness. “We are 100% solventless in our separation and extraction processes. This means that consumers don’t need to worry about any residual chemicals or solvents being left behind in their concentrates or consumable products.”

“Our brand exists to provide solventless and full-spectrum product alternatives with a focus on natural processes and ingredients whenever possible and allowing all patients to be represented.”

“Our solventless concentrates are by far our most popular products. We believe that is because of our solventless manager’s artisan approach to hash making and further solventless processing techniques. Our next most popular product would have to be our brownie which is a delicious, full-spectrum rosin-infused brownie that just happens to be vegan friendly, and free from any nuts, gluten, refined sugars, made using organic and non-GMO ingredients.”


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“I think that the heart of our passion is helping our families, friends, and neighbors,” Callaghan said. “At, our vision is a cannabis industry in Missouri with a more natural and artisan approach. One where a patient who is vegetarian, vegan or has food sensitivities can have options for edibles. We believe in ‘quality in-quality out.’ We also believe that nature gives us all we need to thrive. So for us, it was something of a no-brainer to eliminate any unnatural chemicals from our separation and/or extraction processing and to be conscious of the quality and type of ingredients that we use in our consumable products.

“From non-GMO organic coconut oils to organic gluten-free flour we create products that are safe for everyone. Doing so allows us to sleep at night with the confidence that the products you purchase from are clean and free from any unnecessary and unwanted ingredients.

“We are incredibly grateful to have been given an opportunity to participate in this industry and want to express that to patients by offering them products that may not be represented [elsewhere] currently.”

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Building on early success, recently launched ‘ingredient,’ a line of infused cooking ingredients. “We launched with an infused Coconut Oil and an infused Ghee (clarified butter),” Callaghan told greenway. “These initial (full spectrum) products are being made in 100mg/100ml packages. We’re really excited for this line to expand and help our friends and neighbors across the state medicate their favorite recipes at home.”

In addition to the new ingredient line, has just released 100mg Alcohol-Free Tincture, the first product of a future wellness line. “This, like everything else we make, is infused with our solventless full spectrum rosin,” Callaghan said.

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