The Major force behind the Major Cannabis Expo

The Major force behind the Major Cannabis Expo


Major Cannabis Expo comes to KC

Just ahead of the launch of its first annual cannabis expo, Major Pac’s Mac Mayberry, better known to those in the know as Mac Mo Green, spoke with Greenway about bringing a celebration of cannabis and culture to Kansas City.

To those who don’t know Mac, his list of accomplishments and bio read like the IMDB credits of summer blockbuster actors. In his lifetime Mac has been an athlete, an artist, an entrepreneur, a musician, and a professional fighter. 

“I am a Kansas City native born and raised in South Kansas City and went to high school at Shawnee Mission South. I played college football at Coffeyville, then went on to play semi-pro football and indoor football with the KC Brigade. After a nasty knee injury, I followed my passion for music where I started a record label and audio/video engineering company known as 3Kings Royal Empire. Touring the nation and opening for Juvenile, Murphy Lee, Shawty Lo, and a plethora of other artists. At that time, I had started a YouTube segment called 25/8 where we highlighted local MMA fighters, a day in the life of their training camps, practices, and community engagement. Which led me to my MMA career. I am an active pro fighter out of Glory MMA in Lee Summit.”

Now Mac finds himself as one of the faces bridging the gap between cannabis culture and the cannabis industry. 

“In 2018, I, unfortunately, had another knee injury which ultimately led me to start MajorPac,” Mac explained. “MajorPac is a cannabis culture company geared to bring the light to the cannabis industry through sports, health, business, and entertainment.”

“We provide a platform for athletes to bring positive growth within the community. We have apparel that is loud and visible in the dark to give you that glow when you walk out. We also have recovery products – Bang CBD Muscle Rub – which is designed to loosen the muscles and speed up blood flow to the injured area and has 500 mg of CBD Extract. We also have Subzero – which is designed to increase mobility with long-lasting relief. It includes 500 mg of hemp extract and is a fast-acting formula. Our big brand products are our rolling papers and cones.”

“MajorPac rolling papers are proven to be clean papers made out of pure, high-grade hemp or rice, depending on which papers you choose. The rolling papers come in two different sizes – “Jefe’s” marketed after UFC Flyweight Jeff “El Jefe” Molina our King Slim size papers and “Flights,” our inch and a quarter. MajorPac also has two sizes of cones 109mm called “Strobes” and 98mm “Chutes” (a third size is expected to release soon).”

“MajorPac does not create leaves or blunt wraps because we do not agree with tobacco use. We have had our papers COA tested and they passed with no harmful metals or solvents.”

The success and growth of the MajorPac brand has also led to the company’s first partnership in medical marijuana. A pre-roll collaboration with Vertical Cannabis.

In addition to the partnership with Vertical, MajorPac’s success also granted Mac the opportunity to create something missing from one of Missouri’s cultural hubs and one of cannabis’ cultural hubs.


“The Major Cannabis Expo came about as I wanted to build a platform where the cannabis community could come together and create business and network. A place where we could set our community up for bringing in bigger brands with the knowledge of success in the industry. Where we could come together and push legislation in both Kansas and Missouri, and to ultimately educate.”

“Whether it’s educating people on how to obtain a medical card, education on how to obtain employment within the industry, strain education, etcetera – the list goes on. Education is key!”

“We are focused on bringing our community together and providing a platform for like-minded businesses to network and push legislation. [And] to teach and promote safe and responsible cannabis use.”


That passion for education is the backbone of the expo. The expos agenda includes a slate of seminars with guests and topics including:

  • Sports and Cannabis and the evolution of the game 
  • Impairment Training with Missouri Highway Patrol Ryan Hutton
  • Canna Convict Project with Dolores Halbin
  • Marketing with Dacia Kimber
  • Patients Out Of Time with Nurse April Hatch.

“I am very excited to have the Missouri Highway Patrol leading a seminar on impairment. They will be speaking on field impairment and what they look for in traffic stops.”

In addition to educational seminars, the event will host DJs, the first Major Cannabis Expo Games, and more events and vendors aiming to bridge the gap between culture and corporation.

“MajorPac is the big sponsor of this event, so I would like to give a shout-out to the whole MajorPac team. We have a few out-of-state companies that will be joining us – one company we’re excited to bring out is The Bodega Boyz out of Oklahoma! Also, Vivid Cannabis has been a great help in rallying everyone up! Boston is really a stand-up guy! They will be in the building at the Expo. 

The OutFront Media crew will be there, they are a huge national marketing company. The Good Day Farm crew will be there with their 135lb Sour Apple gummy. And last but not least, Vertical Cannabis whose team has been supportive of us since day one!”

With an 85,000 sq ft facility as the starting point, Major Cannabis Expo and MajorPac are working to create something unique and lasting on the western side of the state by making an immediate impact with their first expo.

“We have had a great response to the Major Cannabis Expo. The team has been out every weekend passing out flyers to the community and doing in-store pop-ups. We love the feedback that we’re getting and it makes us happy when people say, ‘This is an amazing idea! Kansas City needs something like this’ or ‘This is awesome! I’ve been trying to get a job in the industry!’ Events like this are what bring evolution to laws and left behind states and encourage positivity in the community,” Mac explained, “I’m glad to have created this platform but it takes all of us to make a real difference!”