Greenway Best of the Industry: Cannabis Care Team, Best Education or Training Consultant

Greenway Best of the Industry: Cannabis Care Team, Best Education or Training Consultant


Education, for both employees and patients, is a vitally important part of the cannabis industry – especially in a medical marijuana market. Missouri businesses are lucky to have several options when choosing educational partners for their companies and brands, even more, in Missouri, several of these crucial gaps are filled by talented educators and healthcare professionals.

This year Greenway readers selected Cannabis Care Team as the industry’s Best Education or Training Consultant. Driven by a patient-centric ideology and a talented staff, Cannabis Care Team has made an impact on participants on both sides of the counter in Missouri’s cannabis industry.


Greenway recently spoke to CCT leaders, April Hatch MSN, RN and Heidi Mozingo about education and success.

In 2021 the company partnered with dispensaries throughout the state. “That gave more patients the opportunity to work with a nurse, increase their knowledge, and feel more confident about their medical cannabis treatment,” Hatch explained.

“We traveled all over the state and had the opportunity to meet so many people passionate about this plant with our in-person retail staff training.” The company also rolled out online and on-demand training last year. “[We] are thrilled with the results of beta-testing so far,” Hatch said.


What makes CCT unique?

AH: I think what differentiates us from others is our experience providing support and education to patients. We understand how overwhelming it can be to manage a chronic condition, how knowledge promotes confidence in a patient’s treatment, and what patients want to know about getting started with medical cannabis. 


You work in a unique position within the industry, what makes CCT so successful?

AH: Our beneficence and integrity as nurses and the trust others have in us has allowed us to be in a unique position where we not only get to work one-on with patients but with operators who see our value. 


Can you tell Greenway readers about some of the employees or leadership that help push your success?

HM: My background in business sales and management has taken something that was a dream and made it a reality.  April’s passion for educating others allows us to constantly move forward spreading science-based education to the industry. Matt Cascio, RN plays a very important role in education. Matt makes learning fun and really connects with both students and patients.  Melissa Rush is our cheerleader but also backs us up with her training in chemistry.


How is Cannabis Care Team involved in the community? 

AH: We are actively involved with several grassroots and professional community organizations. We brought together a group of educators, advocates, and industry experts to host the first two Communities of Color Business and Workforce Development Career Events here in Missouri. 


HM: 20% of the sales from our Cannabis Treatment Journals go towards organizations that have suicide prevention programs. Missouri Veterans can qualify for free and low-cost nurse consultations.

We have a great relationship with Extract-Ed and find the opportunity to teach LEO about medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system to have a huge impact on their once-held beliefs. 


AH: We have worked with organizations providing education for healthcare professionals, which is greatly needed to fight the stigma of cannabis, we work with the Patients First team that provides financial support to those who often cannot afford to utilize medical cannabis, provide a lot of community education, but we find most of our value comes from ensuring the industry is aware of the patient’s and the community’s needs. We gain that insight from our experience working directly with the community. 


What are some of the biggest milestones or highlights for CCT in 2021?

HM: 2021 highlights include us taking our in-person training and making it available via an online platform so it can be taken on-demand. 

Several hundred miles on the road traveling to train dispensaries all over the state and getting to meet people who are as equally passionate about this plant and helping patients.

Appearances in the capitol providing testimony advocating for both MO & KS patients.  committees in both Kansas and Missouri. 


AH: And a lot of patients telling us, “for the first time I was able to…” “It has been years since I …” “I’m so glad I got your number…”  Those are the milestones that let us know we’re doing the right thing. 


What plans are on the horizon for the company? 

HM: Our nurse, April, will complete the California Institute of Integral Studies Psychedelic Therapy program in 2022 which will allow us to branch into other areas of “alternative” treatment when they become available by FDA approval. Cannabis helps patients manage a lot of symptoms, but after working with ketamine patients we’ve seen a lot of healing and that’s what a lot of our patients need.