Terrapin opens first medical cannabis dispensary in Missouri

Terrapin opens first medical cannabis dispensary in Missouri


Terrapin brings 100+ jobs and positive community impact plans

Terrapin cut the ribbon today on a medical cannabis dispensary in Belton, bringing workforce development opportunities and a robust community engagement program.

The dispensary at 114 E North Avenue in Belton is the first of three dispensaries Terrapin plans to open over the next few months. Future shops will be located in Downtown Kansas City and Northland. The dispensaries operate as Terrapin Care Station. Terrapin is a vertically integrated operation in Missouri with a 45,000-square-foot cultivation and processing facility in Kansas City that opened at the end of last year. Terrapin will create more than 100 jobs in the region and add a multi-million dollar investment between all Missouri operations. Each store will scale up to about 20 employees and another 40-plus work in production and administration.

“We’re pleased to work with city and community leaders to craft a cannabis program that offers access to critical cannabis medicine for patients who need it the most,” said Chris Woods, owner and chief executive of Terrapin. “Terrapin has a long history of meeting the needs of patients with a commitment to safe and responsible production. We’re excited to bring that brand reputation and experience to Missouri. We’re also thrilled to be adding to the workforce, nonprofit and economic development of the region by providing jobs in a new burgeoning industry for the state.”

Terrapin has an extensive line of medical cannabis products. Its Double Bear line of concentrates and vapes feature purity in processing, with Terrapin offering transparency in the ingredients used. Terrapin Flower products include shake (small pieces of cannabis flower that have broken off the full bud), pre-rolls (joints), and whole flower in various strains.

We appreciate Terrapin’s investment in our community and their dedication to being a responsible operator in the medical cannabis industry,” said Belton Mayor Norman Larkey. “We wish them a long and successful future in the City of Belton.”

As a minority-owned cannabis company, Terrapin has long focused on corporate social responsibility, especially as it pertains to social equity, human needs and supporting veterans. Terrapin has engaged with nonprofits for financial and volunteer support in the Kansas City region.

The HelpKC — Committed to providing resources and tools to formerly incarcerated/convicted women that can aid in a productive transition into their community. Given the disproportionate rate at which Black and Latino populations are arrested for cannabis, despite an equal consumption rate to white counterparts, Terrapin sees synergy with The HelpKC in aiding in transitional development as a means to right the wrongs of a failed systemically racist war on drugs.

Veterans Community Project — Dedicated to supporting every man and woman who took the oath for our country. VCP provides transitional housing and walk-in support services for the region’s veterans. The organization grew to prominence by building tiny houses for homeless vets in the Kansas City area. The group has also expanded to Longmont, Colorado, where Terrapin operates a storefront. Terrapin has a strong commitment to veterans, with many of its own employees having served the country.


Low-income Assistance Program — Terrapin is also establishing a low-income assistance program to serve patients in need. An application process will launch for 10 patients who will receive $500 each in grant money to purchase cannabis medicine. Other low-income patients will be able to register for a 25 percent discount on medicine. Those details will be announced in the coming weeks.

The HelpKC is excited to collaborate with the medical cannabis industry to support justice-impacted women,” said Candance J. Wesson, founder and president of The HelpKC. “It is important and necessary that we recognize that the War on Drugs disproportionately and discriminatorily imprisoned so many people of color for low-level cannabis convictions. Now, in a joint venture with Terrapin, second chances can be offered to women who are returning home from prison; a population of citizens who are often overlooked and forgotten.

“Through this collaboration, we can begin to identify collateral consequences facing justice-impacted women that we can change via education, policy, and legislation,” Wesson continued. “Working together can also change the negative views and perceptions of Black and brown communities that were impacted by cannabis criminalization into positive efforts through workforce development and by educating these communities on a new legal cannabis industry.”

Founded in 2009, Terrapin is a leading innovator and one of the nation’s most responsible and successful regulated cannabis companies. From humble beginnings in an office park in south Boulder, Colo., family-owned Terrapin blossomed into a national influencer with more than 500 employees across four states — Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Missouri. The company has contributed over $1 million to nearly 40 nonprofits since inception.

Terrapin’s launch in the Kansas City region draws upon a decade-worth of industry experience while planting local roots in the community. For construction, Terrapin used the local company Kansas City Premier Construction (KCPC), highlighting the ancillary economic development opportunities that come with this new industry. Terrapin’s plans for Missouri include serving as an advocate and resource for patients while keeping prices affordable. Terrapin is also looking forward to continued work with local Chambers of Commerce serving the region.

“It’s a pleasure to be partnered with Terrapin on this project,” said Chuck Cuda, an owner of KCPC and a business partner for Terrapin’s Missouri operations. “Terrapin’s culture aligns strongly with our passion for serving the community. We look forward to many years of success.”

About Terrapin

Terrapin serves as a medical-focused provider of high-quality cannabis products in the Kansas City region, distributing throughout Missouri. Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2009 as Terrapin Care Station, the company operates six dispensaries and four cultivation/processing facilities in Colorado. In addition to its Colorado operations, Terrapin operates a licensed grower/processor medical marijuana facility in Clinton County, Pennsylvania. The company also operates a medical/adult-use cultivation facility in Grand Rapids, Mich. With more than 500 employees, Terrapin is a minority-owned business committed to equity and social justice. We plant local roots. For more information, visit Terrapin.co, or TerrapinCareStation.com.