Corey Wilson talks Vivid bringing Live Resin Gummies to market in Missouri

Corey Wilson talks Vivid bringing Live Resin Gummies to market in Missouri


As more products continue to enter Missouri’s medical marijuana market, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to differentiate themselves and their products. 

Vivid has become one of the state’s most trusted names in manufactured marijuana products, with a catalog of unique offerings backed by a dedication to quality. 

“The response to our Vivid gummies has been amazing, primarily because we are one of the only non-gelatin gummies on the market. The high dose (250 mg) Orange Creamsicle gummies are popular, and for patients with IBS the Green Apple THC:CBG gummies are proving to be really helpful. 

Our line of extracts is always growing and right now our FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) is one of our most popular products. The ability to get the full benefits of the plant, consume it orally through a serving the size of a grain of rice, helps make relief through cannabis more accessible,” explains Production Manager, Corey Wilson, about the success of Vivid.

Wilson, who holds a degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Ohio State, brings unique experience and perspective to the cannabis kitchen at Vivid. 

“While in school, I was working at a cannabis processing lab much like here, except we were more solely focused on edibles. It was there that I was able to work alongside a veteran chef with 30+ years of experience and hone in the skills that helped in the development of the infused edible products we offer today,” he explained.

Rather than resting on existing success, Wilson and the team at Vivid are doubling down – pushing forward and working to create something unique for Missouri’s cannabis patients.

While most companies do as much as possible to mask the flavor and taste of the cannabis in their marijuana-infused edibles, Vivid is embracing the plant and diving in headfirst, pulling cannabis connoisseurs and curious patients along for the ride.

With their first drop earlier this month, Vivid has brought Live Resin Full Spectrum Gummies to Missouri’s market with its first iteration – Lemon Haze.

The first strain-specific gummies on the market, the Live Resin gummies are flavored to taste like the source flower.  Unlike their counterparts, these gummies embrace the natural flavor profiles of the strain and cannabinoids therein, with the added bonus of full-plant benefits beyond THC that create a feeling and relief different from most edibles. 

Lemon Haze Live Resin Gummies | Vivid



Can you discuss the creation process and how you find the right flavor profiles? 

The process begins with identifying a patient need or problem that we have yet to solve. This product specifically is for patients who already have an affinity for the taste of cannabis and desire the effects of a full spectrum gummy. Rather than trying to mask the cannabis flavor, as most products do, the Lemon Haze gummies are made with oil from cannabis frozen immediately after harvest to preserve the strain’s flavor and essence. The flavor notes come primarily from natural terpenes which accentuate the terpenes and flavor from the flower. 


The launch of any new product is exciting, but these will be the first strain-specific gummies in Missouri, can you explain what separates this product from other Vivid products or other gummies in general? 


Vivid is built on bringing new products to Missouri patients with two specific goals: 

  1. Uncovering new treatments and forms of relief 
  2. Optimizing individual cannabis experiences 

While our CBG+THC gummies offer a new form of relief for patients struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, our full spectrum gummies offer an elevated edible experience for connoisseurs. 


What should a patient expect with a new Live Resin gummy? 

The two biggest differences from other edibles are taste and full spectrum effects. The dosage is a standard 10 mg of THC per serving, but full-spectrum gummies also include all of the other medicinal benefits found in the source flower. Those minor cannabinoids and terpenes have a subtle impact on the high that are noticeable for an experienced user.


What strains will we be able to find in the gummies and how do they differ? 

The first two strains will be Lemon Haze and Purple Chem, and we chose them for their pungent terpene and taste profiles which translate nicely into a sweet gummy form. 


Can you talk about the gummy composition? 

We take pride in our non-gelatin gummy recipe. The gummies are made from a primarily citrus pectin that differs from the many gelatin gummies, as well as other pectin gummies on the market, in their consistency. Our consistency is a satisfying chew transitioning to a melt in your mouth, as compared to an often rubbery mouthfeel of gelatin gummies. 


Can you discuss the ingredients? 

We like to keep the ingredient list small, avoiding adding additional preservatives or fillers. We use only all-natural colors and flavors.


For Wilson and the team at Vivid, what goes into their products is just as important as what comes out, and based on their track record – what comes out is going to be special.