Organic Remedies launches full suite of medical marijuana products statewide

Organic Remedies launches full suite of medical marijuana products statewide


Organic Remedies successfully navigated 2021, building a dispensary experience patients love, becoming actively involved in their communities, and introducing their products to market. From hosting Patient Drives and educational seminars to hosting booths at local fairs and events – Organic Remedies has done its best to integrate its brand into the fabric of the communities around them. With dispensary locations open in Sedalia, Cape Girardeau, and now Affton, Organic Remedies has made an impression on patients across the state. A vertically integrated licensee, OR begins 2022 taking the next step forward, the Chaffee-based manufacturing and cultivation facilities have been operating since the summer, and as the facility closes its first harvest, OR officially launches their full product lines state-wide.

Ahead of the state-wide launch, Greenway spoke to Organic Remedies Missouri, Inc. (Organic Remedies) executive, Cody Boyer, about what Missouri patients and businesses can expect this year and the journey to become one of the state’s leading brands.

Boyer told Greenway, “Organic Remedies considers itself privileged to operate its cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensaries in the great State of Missouri. Missouri patients and businesses can expect and rely on Organic Remedies’ efficacious and innovative products, combined with our fundamental principles and commitment to integrity, patient welfare, and ethical behavior, Also, patients should expect a pleasant, prompt, and educational dispensary experience. The local communities can rely on Organic Remedies creating jobs, providing workforce development and promotions within the organization, and economic and community support. For example, our state-of-the-art cultivation and manufacturing facility was built in the rural community of Chaffee, Missouri, a town of approximately 2,900 residents. In the past 4 months, we have created approximately 50 jobs in Chaffee, and a total of approximately 100 jobs in Missouri. These jobs offer good pay, healthcare, dental, and vision benefits as well as a 401k match and paid-time-off. We also have been driving patient education in the local communities, from hosting patient drives and educational seminars to sponsoring booths at local fairs and events.”


What successes and challenges did Organic Remedies face in 2021?

“2021 was an exciting year for Organic Remedies. We received operational approval from DHSS for our five licenses, and our last license for our St. Louis dispensary is expected to open for business the last week of January. We completed the buildout of our entire facility, that includes our cultivation and manufacturing spaces.”

“As with the other medical marijuana organizations across the country, we faced and overcame various obstacles, such as construction interruptions due to COVID cases, supply chain delays, cost increases, and limitations of service providers willing to work in a rural area. However, we successfully overcame these barriers, becoming operational in all of our licenses.”


What impact did Organic Remedies have on the local communities it serves?

“Our biggest success is the team we hired and trained across our operational stores and at our Chaffee facility, bringing approximately 100 jobs to the local communities we serve. We expect to double that number by the end of 2022. In August, we held a job fair in Chaffee to begin our hiring process. We knew there would be some excitement around the industry, but we had no idea that 500+ people would show up for only 25 initial jobs.”

“In a town of 2,900 people, for 500 people to show up, this was very exciting and motivating. We are now approaching 50 jobs in Chaffee. Emphasis on candidates from Chaffee and the surrounding communities is a priority, and we have been very successful in attracting great candidates.”


What can patients expect from Organic Remedies products?

“Our first products included live resin and distillate vapes, as well as select extracts. More high-quality extracts will be coming, but we will also be adding loads of dry flower and pre-rolls to our menu and are working toward creating a line of edibles that will be new and unique to the market. All forms of products will have multiple strains and varieties.”


“We offer high quality, unique strains to the Missouri market.” “Our strains have a wide range of terpene structures, where some may be more gas-forward, others are very fruit-forward.”  

“A variety of sativas, indicas, and hybrids will be available for our patients. Each product will come with strain cards, a baseball card-sized information tool that outlines the lineage of the strain, an image of the strain in dry flower form, and a short description of its effects.”


How did Organic Remedies determine which cultivars they would bring to market?

“We wanted to grow strains and plants that we are familiar with and that grow well together.”

“While some strains flower around 65+ days, others are in the 50+ day range.  We wanted to grow plants that have similar flowering times and produce high yielding flower with loads of cannabinoids and terpenes, with the efficacy to meet our patient’s needs.”


When you speak of patient service, can you explain any unique differences in your approach?

“Patient service and experience is always a high priority for us. We bring an elevated patient experience, with expert pharmacists and patient-care specialists who are highly trained and focused on personalized service with each patient. Patients will always have access to a pharmacist either in person or via teleconference to help answer any questions they may have. We will also offer high quality products at affordable prices both from our line of products and other cultivation and manufacturing partners within the state, or as we say our “competimates.” We are also looking into delivery services and exciting promotions that meet the Missouri regulations.”


Is there anything else you want to offer to Greenway readers? 

“At Organic Remedies, we are excited about the future of the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program. Our patients can expect efficacious and innovative products at affordable prices, as well as exceptional customer service. Our patient-care specialists will continue to offer personalized service and education in the science of cannabinoids and the human endocannabinoid system. We believe we have well-informed patient-care specialists, who will continue to make sure that new and existing patients get accurate information on products that are best for them. Organic Remedies will also continue to support the local communities we serve in terms of education, job creation and workforce development.”