Arizona’s Timeless Refinery announces new brand launch

Arizona’s Timeless Refinery announces new brand launch


Timeless Refinery today announced Tumble, an exciting new brand created for consumers of premium cannabis.

Infused pre-rolls are a fast-growing cannabis category across the industry, and the Timeless team is excited to bring our unique take on this product to Arizona, being a local company and Arizona’s #1 brand (Source: BDS 2021 Q3 Sales Arizona).

Tumble is a premium, infused cone featuring whole full flower handpicked for its terpene and cannabinoid content. The flower is paired with quality Timeless distillate and terpene flavors that enhance the profile and effects. Kief is then hand-sifted across each batch prior to filling each cone creating a highly potent and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Tumble infused cones will be available in top dispensary partners across the state starting in January 2022 and in Timeless’ other markets throughout 2022. Members of the Timeless Kindness Team will be providing education on Tumble and offering exclusive merchandise in-stores and you can find out more here: Tumble Infused Cannabis – smoketumble

Timeless founder Rocky Huang explains the need for Tumble in the market, “we created Tumble with the desire to incorporate all aspects of the cannabis plant. We use a unique ‘tumbling’ process consisting of full flower, cannabis oil and kief, which allows you to truly experience all benefits of the plant as one. Our use of natural tones and tasteful packaging offers an elegant look representative of the adult cannabis consumer.”


Tumble is available in three “motions” (strains) and initially featuring three of Timeless’ most popular and well-loved flavors with each cone weighing 1 gram in total. “Rise” is a sativa strain created to energize, featuring Timeless’ Lemon Faderade distillate. “Flow” is a hybrid offering a balanced feeling of clarity and relaxation, made with Timeless’ Cactus Chiller. “Drift” is an indica designed to help ease the mind and body made with Timeless’ Grandaddy Purp distillate.

Tumble is the newest addition to the Timeless brand portfolio including Joilo full flower pre-rolls; and Timeless, Noir and Canary brand vapes. The Timeless brand is sold in ArizonaCaliforniaOklahoma and Missouri.