Society seltzers discovered in St. Louis, and infused Into a national cannabis products showcase 

Society seltzers discovered in St. Louis, and infused Into a national cannabis products showcase 


The first infused beverage from Monarch Supply Company can now be found on select dispensary shelves in St. Louis. It’s called Society, and represents the namesake and inaugural brand from Monarch Supply Company’s “Society Beverages” portfolio. 

Society is a seltzer crafted from locally sourced citrus and tropical ingredients, infused with a tasteless, micro-dosed extract of 5 milligrams of THC, are fast-acting and contain 15 calories. Society comes in a stylized painted and resealable,12-ounce can, with a price to consumer of $7. 

Initially, Society seltzers come in three flavors: Cherry Blossom, featuring a refreshing subtle sweetness of cherries with the balance of a fresh floral aroma; Blood Orange + Yuzu, a subtly sweet orange flavored seltzer, combined with the citrusy, tart flavor of Yuzu; and, Ginger and Lime, featuring classic notes of ginger spiciest with the zest of lime for a crisp, refreshing finish.

Missouri’s medical patients can currently discover Society in a quarter of the dispensaries in the Greater St. Louis region, including Swade’s four regional locations, Kind Goods three regional dispensaries, and Missouri Wild Apothecary in O’Fallon. 

Simultaneously, Society will debut on a larger stage. The Cannabis Drinks Expo has invited Society Beverages to be showcased for cannabis industry trade and professionals attending its Monday expo. Held in Chicago and hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, the Cannabis Drinks Expo will feature established and new THC-infused beverage brands, manufacturers and suppliers, and will be attended by about 500 beverage and cannabis industry professionals.

Monarch is based in St. Louis and is owned and operated by a local team with 70 years of combined experience in both legacy beer leadership and craft brew brand building, and in cannabis business-building and dispensary experience. Monarch leadership said it is confident in making infused beverages its core offering, as it believes that a “beverage” is the consumer product format most capable of broadening the usage occasions for the medical cannabis patient, and ultimately, introducing cannabis to the mainstream. 


“Drinking is obviously a consumption format people are familiar and comfortable with, and Society seltzers deliver a better taste and better gauge of dosing—among the benefits many cannabis consumers want,” Mars said. Society also appeals to consumers interested in “better-for-me” products, he said. “THC-infused beverages have a healthier halo than other cannabis products. Society is specifically better for you as a low-calorie, naturally sweetened alternative.” 

“Seltzer sales have dramatically increased over the last few years because people, especially women, are wanting to make healthier choices and decrease the amount of sugar and alcohol they consume,” said April Hatch, R.N., Cannabis Care Team. Hatch, co-founder of the cannabis nurse education and training company, counsels Missouri medical cannabis patients and partners with dispensaries and product makers to train and educate stakeholders throughout Missouri’s cannabis community. “Cannabis is something else we’ve seen people replacing alcohol with, so a cannabis-infused seltzer is going to be a big hit among consumers. 

Cannabis is medicine for Missourians, and they want it to feel that way,” Hatch said, adding, “Overconsumption is not as likely to occur with an option like this and that’s the number one reason why people who try cannabis never try again.” 


To learn more about Society Beverages, visit, and follow  @societybevs and @supportapurpose on Instagram.