150th Missouri medical cannabis dispensary approved to operate


At nearly $23 million, September sales set fifth consecutive monthly mark

Missouri’s newest medical cannabis dispensary has been approved to operate in Kansas City, making it the state’s 150th such facility since the start of retail sales less than one year ago.

Local Cannabis Co. plans to open its retail outlet at 4482 Belleview Avenue later this month, with a Smithville cannabis production and cultivation facility to follow by the end of 2021.

Missouri medical cannabis sales are on pace to approach or surpass $200 million by the end of this year.

The state Department of Health and Senior Services reported nearly $23 million in sales in September — the fifth consecutive month of record sales growth.

That brings the total amount purchased by medical cannabis patients in Missouri to $136.05 million since retail sales began in late October of last year.

Industry analysts expect those sales totals to only increase as more retail outlets open.

“Starting a new business from scratch is never easy, let alone during a global pandemic,” said Andrew Mullins, executive director of MoCannTrade (The Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association). “This latest milestone is a testament to both our members’ resilience and the strong patient interest driving statewide demand.”


The state has issued licenses for nearly 200 dispensaries, 62 cultivation sites and 89 manufacturing facilities, giving medical cannabis patients here greater access than in each of the other 19 states with similar programs. As of Oct. 1, DHSS has approved 151 dispensaries, 42 manufacturing sites and 34 cultivation sites for operation.

Medical cannabis patient and caregiver enrollment in Missouri also continues to see consistent increases, with 143,150 Missourians now licensed by the state.

The state also reports issuing another 4,967 of the required state agent ID cards to work in medical cannabis facilities. All but 200 of those jobs have been added in the past year.

Under Article IX of the state Constitution, Missouri residents with qualifying conditions including cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma can purchase or cultivate medical cannabis with a physician’s certification.

The law also provides physicians with the discretion to certify patients who have other chronic and debilitating medical conditions that could benefit from medical marijuana, and legally protects their right to have such conversations.

MoCannTrade (The Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association) is an association of business owners, health care providers, professionals, patients and residents responsible for helping to implement a successful, safe, compliant medical marijuana program in Missouri.

The membership-based association is directed by a board of diverse professionals experienced in medical marijuana, healthcare, law, pharmaceutical, science, agriculture, law enforcement, security, commercial real estate, finance, public affairs and regulatory sectors.

To learn more about MoCannTrade please visit www.mocanntrade.org