New Missouri cannabis brands showcased at MoCannBizCon


A multitude of new marijuana products are entering the Missouri market.

In less than two weeks, MoCannBizCon+Expo will host a showcase of new Missouri brands that are now growing and producing medical cannabis products. Newly licensed dispensaries are selling and delivering these products to qualified medical patients all across the state. As this new industry emerges, dozens of new companies and brands are vying for the attention of the Missouri cannabis patient.

Missouri cannabis patients enjoy a fairly sophisticated variety of products compared to other newly legal states. From simple items like flower by the gram or pre-rolled joints and vape cartridges, to sophisticated edibles like Keef cola, which uses nano technology to deliver cannabinoids, patients here will have access to products that other states waited years to see. Some products, like the handcrafted chocolates by world class chocolatier Christopher Elbow are a testament to the progress that has been made in the industry despite federal prohibition.

New Missouri patients are benefiting from the knowledge attained in other states that have faced similar growing pains with the implementation of new legalization measures. Many of the new Missouri brands are “home grown” with owners that are primarily Missouri residents (licensing requires 50% Missouri ownership) but several, like CuraLeaf, have done this before. “I think that there are several really exciting things going on here.” said conference producer Karin Spinks Chester. “Missouri has some amazing companies with comprehensive experience that have partnered with Missouri residents, which brings a much higher level of expertise into the system. We also have many Missouri residents who have been part of the effort to legalize medical cannabis here for many years and have been preparing for this opportunity. The introduction of some of the more sophisticated products this early in the game means that Missouri patients have extensive product options compared to other new markets. I am excited to see what they come up with next.”

Information regarding Missouri cannabis brands and their various products is largely available in medical dispensaries,  which require a medical card to access. While there will be no medical cannabis available at the conference, some of the brands will have unmedicated samples to try.

“We are thrilled to exhibit at MoCann Biz Con and show Missouri dispensary operators and patients our premium, safe, and efficacious medical marijuana extraction products we have developed at 5150 N”FUSION. The 5150 team is excited to showcase and answer questions about our LOTUS PAX pods and LOTUS 510 thread vape carts to the entire medical marijuana community. We feel there is no better place for that than MOCann Biz Con,” said Bradford Goette, Managing Partner, Nirvana Investments.

Participating brands include:

CLOVR brands: Keef Cola, Wana Gummies, Robhots Gummies, Christopher Elbow Chocolates

BeLeaf Medical brands: Sinse, Phytos, Swade


5150 N’Fusion brands: N’Bliss

Flora Farms

Illicit Gardens and From the Earth

Teal Labs


Select by Curaleaf

Heya Wellness

Revenant Cannabis

Happy Days brands: Vivid, Buffalo Ballz