Transpring products successfully pass 6-Month BelCosta Labs California Phase III Heavy Metals Testing in an industry first

Transpring products successfully pass 6-Month BelCosta Labs California Phase III Heavy Metals Testing in an industry first

Transpring, a leader in the design and manufacturing of plant extract vapes, has completed a six-month heavy metal testing overseen by BelCosta Labs, becoming the first vape producer to do so following the release of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) standards.

All tested products successfully passed 180 consecutive days of analysis, demonstrating that Transpring’s vape cartridges contain less lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury than the high standards set out by the state. This far exceeds the industry practice of single tests that deliver results within seven days, reflecting Transpring’s strong commitment to product quality and consumer safety.

As one of Southern California’s principal license cannabis testing labs, BelCosta Labs is dedicated to driving growth in the science community. For this first cooperation with Transpring, products were selected at random from each batch and subsequently tested for heavy metals onsite at the lab in Long Beach, California.

Frank Chen, Transpring founder and CEO, said, “Transpring relies solely on expert data when assessing the quality and safety of its products. While cooperating with a lab to conduct heavy metal testing may seem novel, it is part of Transpring’s overriding focus on product quality and our mission to deliver exceptional products that meet the highest standards to ensure consumer safety.”

To deliver extraordinary products to consumers, Transpring is continuously optimizing and enhancing its offer. Its flagship product, the A10 cartridge, features the exclusive, next-generation, 3.0mm ceramic Hcore® developed by Transpring, which provides a greater heating surface area and higher vaporizing efficiency nfor a consistently rich taste and an optimal experience. The cartridge produces 15% more vapor than other similar products and is compatible with a wide range of vape mouthpieces and materials to suit consumers’ personal preferences.


In May, Transpring launched the new A18 cartridge, which features an all-ceramic design and Hcore®. Please stay tuned for more information.

About Transpring

Founded in 2012, Transpring combines technological innovation, intuitive design, and customer insight to create cutting-edge plant extract vapes. In 2014, the company created the A3 cartridge, the very first cartridge in the world to adopt glass as the oil tank. In 2015, Transpring entered the US market. With its extensive industry expertise and forward-looking vision, Transpring is dedicated to continuously enhancing the vaping experience for customers among the niche market.