The Arcview Group and Oaksterdam University partner to offer new cannabis investment workshops


A partnership ‘first,’ The Arcview Group has collaborated with Oaksterdam University (OU) to create a new course titled How to Raise Funds for Your Cannabis Business. Offering an in-depth study of fundraising within the cannabis industry, this course allows students to explore the process of raising equity capital to launch or expand a cannabis business.

The class’ curriculum was developed by cannabis, finance, and education experts, including David AbernathyLouis HanBen YorkMarc Brandl from The Arcview Group and Natalie DarvesTara Bonhorst from Oaksterdam University. The coursework balances financial theory with real-world practice, providing students the knowledge they need to pursue funding for a cannabis company.

“This is a hands-on, hyper-accelerated opportunity for new and seasoned entrepreneurs to learn about fundraising in cannabis over a short period of time from two of the longest standing institutions in cannabis – The Arcview Group and Oaksterdam University,” comments Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor at Oaksterdam University. “Most importantly, we will identify the key factors that investors consider when they are vetting an investment opportunity and demonstrate best practices for pitching your idea to potential backers.”

Approximately 35 students will be selected to enroll in this two-day, six-hour intensive class held virtually on Saturday, June 5, and Saturday, June 12. The first class will focus on cannabis fundraising fundamentals and demonstrate hypothetical scenarios, while the second class will cover pitch deck must-haves and provide a review of investor pitches.

“We’ll dive deep on everything from business deal terms to company equity, which includes instruction about cannabis regulations, venture capital, private equity, and fundraising ideas,” said David Abernathy, Principal of The Arcview Group. “At the end of the course, the goal is for students to feel comfortable having conversations with investors and business partners about the nuances of raising capital in the cannabis industry.”


Enrollment for How to Raise Funds for Your Cannabis Business is now open. Classes will start at $495.00 per student and scholarships are available. If you’re interested in the June 2021 virtual class or future sessions, please visit

About The Arcview Group:

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About Oaksterdam University (OU):

Since 2007, when Oaksterdam University became the first cannabis college in the United States, it has been the forerunner in providing the highest quality training to people interested in a career in the cannabis industry and the first institution to address the growing needs of the marijuana movement, from patients to regulators. Such a focus has established Oaksterdam University as the only cannabis college with a comprehensive curriculum in cannabis business and horticulture available today. Our faculty is composed of professionals, academics and entrepreneurs, and OU alumni – over 30,000 from over 30 countries who have received training regarding cannabis and marijuana policy reform – are the most active in the world. Learn more at