Missouri medical marijuana sales break $3M weekly sales mark for 420


The strong growth trends in Missouri’s medical marijuana industry continue as the week of 4/20 saw Missouri climb to over $3.3 million in a single week. To this point, no single week had exceeded $2.7 million, with that figure coming just two weeks prior. The week of 420 showed a 21% increase in sales over the prior week, a change of $698,249 in positive revenues.

Missouri sales topped $2 million for the first time in late March. That marked a 26% increase over the prior week’s sales which had waned slightly, down to $1,794,583 from $1,907,836 the prior week.

In the weeks since topping the $2 million mark, Missouri has soared from $22,211,149 to $35,679,927 in cumulative sales.

The marked significant dip in revenue change coincides with winter storm systems that forced closures around the state.

With a conservative estimate upwards of $70 million in additional sales revenue this year, Missouri is poised to break the $100 million mark within the first year of operational facilities.

The data in this story was collected from DHSS records and compiled by Greenway. Week 1 of the data was reported on 12/30/20.