Digitally transforming cannabis with cannabis cloud solutions for Salesforce®

Cannabis Cloud creates transformational efficiencies for dispensaries using innovative digital marketing


 San Diego-based Cannabis Cloud Solutions is proving it’s worth to the cannabis and tech industries, transforming brands in partnership with the world’s No. 1 Customer Relationship Platform.

The cloud computing software company offers all-in-one solutions for cannabis enterprises by leveraging its Metrc API Connector, Sales Team Implementations, Retail Point of Sale System, and Cultivation/Manufacturing/Distribution ERP platform for optimal productivity and efficiency.

“As a registered Salesforce Navigator, Consulting and ISV Partner, we have a multi-year track record of customer satisfaction and success in scaling innovative technologies,” said Gary Strahle, founder of Cannabis Cloud Solutions for Salesforce and the CEO of parent company 3KEYMEDIA. 

Cannabis Cloud Solutions for Salesforce identifies opportunities for improvement within the regulated cannabis industry by providing a seamless back-end workflow.

The company also implements a complementary suite of enterprise applications such as DocuSign or QuickBooks, focusing on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development that enables operators and entrepreneurs to drive sales, manage orders and take control of their company.

“We built ‘Customer, Employee, & Vendor 360 Profiles for the Cannabis Industry,’ which allows us to identify data points related to any individual record from external systems and/or workflows and processes,” Strahle said. “All the data relative to a customer from any system that your business is administrating-we’re able to read and leverage that data with a unique ID to process automation for personalized journeys.”

As a retail cannabis expert, Strahle ultimately helps cannabis enterprises better understand how to evaluate their data and leverage it with digital transformations, which increases sales and overall efficiency.

“Salesforce is all about owning your own data so you don’t have industry players seeing it and becoming your competition,” he said.


Cannabis Cloud Solutions offers a fully Vertical comprehensive Omni-Channel database solutions for enterprises to effectively manage any cannabis business activity from sales teams, human resources, accounting, marketing, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail and operations all on one platform.

“Essentially, when you have the support, scalability and ownership of your data, our salesforce solutions crush the competition any day of the week,” Strahle said.

Strahle also volunteers and advocates on behalf of the National Cannabis Industry Association, as the Retail Committee representative of the Policy Council, to implement green initiatives that replace old systems, making them more cost effective.

“I’m focusing on doing away with paperwork by implementing e-signature as well as getting rid of excess product labeling and stickering including a paperless receipt,” he said. Salesforce is used by the top Fortune 500 companies and has the certified support of professionals around the world.

“We believe our business is a platform for good and what’s most important to us is to make a positive sustainable impact in people’s lives,” Strahle said.

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