Itsa BoBo puts the fun in functional


How does a D.A.R.E kid from a small town in Southwest Missouri become the coolest new thing in marijuana? Itsa BoBo.


What’s a BoBo?

“I get asked pretty often how I came up with ‘Itsa BoBo’ and I love it. I feel like the name evolved naturally and encaptures its uniqueness. It’s also a great ice breaker,” explains Itsa BoBo founder, Ashley Cook. “The logo is just me writing Itsa BoBo.”

It’s that DIY spirit, a little bit of spunk, and a heavy dose of whimsy and creativity that make Itsa BoBo so appealing. And when speaking to Cook her excitement for her brand seems to seep out like a balloon bursting at the seams. 

“I love alliteration so my original thought for a brand name was BoBo Bongs. After trying it out I learned the word bong isn’t always accepted and I often had to say waterpipe instead. BoBo Bongs-But-Sometimes-Water-Pipes didn’t work so I decided to leave out bong and/or waterpipe altogether and just started saying “Hi! Look at my glass piece! It’s a BoBo!”

That quickly turned into my unique brand name Itsa BoBo.”

“Itsa BoBo has custom-designed glass that’s voguish, posh, captivating, and creative.”

Cook’s designs and pieces appeal to cannabis users who are often underrepresented at old school headshops and dispensaries. The designs are mostly feminine, bright, colorful, and eclectic. They look more akin to a flower vase or boutique glass art than science equipment or the more masculine pieces that have been commonplace for decades. 

But for Cook Itsa BoBo is about more than smoking accessories, her design and attitude dictate the brand philosophy, “Itsa BoBo is about changing the stigma around cannabis and about the people who use it,” she explained.  

“I was a D.A.R.E. kid. I went to high school in Bolivar, MO, and graduated from Missouri State University with a marketing degree focused on advertising. 

“I didn’t try cannabis until 2016 when I was 28 years old, ” Cook said. “The first time I tried it I had been drinking and I got sick.

“But I tried it again and then I had this moment where it was like, ‘wow’ this plant is amazing. It helps with my anxiety, it helps with sleeping, it helps with my creativity.”



How did Itsa BoBo start?

“I really wanted a glass bong with mermaids but couldn’t find one so I made one. I found that I LOVED the process of making it and the outcome. Over the years it turned from a hobby to a passion. 

“I worked at a local business supply store in Springfield, MO as the marketing director maintaining the website, running email and digital campaigns, social media, and doing their graphic design.”

Cook says that more time at home during the pandemic and positive reception to Itsa BoBo helped make it an easy choice. This year she transitioned and made Itsa BoBo her career.

“It’s just me! I do the designs, website, product pictures, and sales!”

Cook currently uses imported glass to create Itsa BoBo pieces but is working to source locally from Missouri artists. 

“Glass bongs are non-porous, easy to clean, and have added smoothness from water filtration and the ice catch. Each BoBo is created on glass by using paint, vinyl, inks, and/or pigments and is sealed with an epoxy finish.”

Itsa BoBo currently offers 11″ – 12″ custom-designed glass bongs with ice catch available online at

With new partnerships, Cook hopes to expand production.

“I spent time cold calling dispensaries, sending emails, knocking on doors, and handing out business cards,” Cook says. 

The hard work has paid off, Itsa BoBo products can be found at multiple retail locations and dispensaries including Cassville Dispensary, COCO, 3 Fifteen Primo Cannabis, and Old Route 66 Wellness. 

To learn more about Cook and Itsa BoBo visit