MyHi™ brings a new category of high to the cannabis industry

Groundbreaking Delivery System of THC Powder That Can Be Infused in Any Beverage

Produced using water soluble THC powder combined with natural ingredients, MyHi is designed for the healthy, active, on-the-go consumer who wants something that keeps a consistent and timely effect. Through a patented Stir STIK™, MyHi instantly turns any drink into an energizing, no fuss and natural high.

The STIKs are available in two doses – the 5mg Pick-Me-Up designed to get you going and the 10mg Go-Getter to of course, get you there. MyHi allows you to bring cannabis places you never thought possible – from a rejuvenating yoga class, to an exhilarating hike, to a happy hour with a unique hi-tail™. MyHi’s nano-emulsified THC is fast acting and efficient, giving consumers a social, energetic, and manageable high each time they peel and stir, working within 15 minutes of consumption.

“There were still too many places left in my routine where cannabis products just didn’t fit,” said co-founder and CEO, TJ Stouder. “Whether it be the difficulty of finding a respectable place to enjoy a joint, or the intense planning to ensure an edible takes the effect that I’m hoping for, when I’m hoping for it, I found myself without an answer. That is, until now, MyHi is designed to make it yours: precise dose, fast onset, energetic, and taste neutral… truly your hi, your way.”

With the intent to enhance your high vs influence your diet, MyHi is calorie and sugar free.  Its shortlist of ingredients includes Green Coffee Bean Extract for a natural burst of energy, L-Theanine for focused balance, and a dash of Monk Fruit perfecting the refreshing taste.

Launching in California today, MyHi is available at a growing number of the State’s most popular dispensaries, including Erba Markets, The Kind Center, and Mountain Remedy Delivery.

“At the center of MyHi is the STIK that gives you ultimate flexibility in when, where and how you consume,” said co-founder and CRO Erik Elfstrum. “This protectable differentiator combined with the approachable branding have investors hungry to get involved.”


Not only is MyHi discreet and portable, it’s also functional.  With STIKs the size of a pen and powder that instantly dissolves, MyHi is designed with mixing in mind. For examples on how we’re reimagining cannabis, please visit our teaser. Stir in. No wait. Elevate.

About MyHi:
Reimagining cannabis, MyHi started with the consumer and focused on making cannabis a better fit into the active, social, and healthy lifestyle they live. Cannabis products have too long been stigmatized as designed for chill, anti-social, or something to hide, limiting the ultimate potential of the plant which can really supplement many parts of life. A trip to the store leaves new consumers with images of smokables to candies that don’t exactly break this stigma in form factor or the resulting high.

MyHi is creating a new category of high: fast-acting, energetic, zero calories, and zero sugar. Our nano-emulsified THC allows for one of the most efficient and effective absorptions on the market, and is delivered in a portable and pre-dosed Stir STIK, allowing ultimate control over when, where, and how. Most importantly, the STIK brings the cannabis consumer from sneaking outside for an often unwelcome joint, to giving the toast at the party with a cheers of a hi-tail.

For more information, visit or follow @getmyhi.