St. Louis-based BeLeaf Medical launches female-led manufacturing brand Phytos

St. Louis-based BeLeaf Medical launches female-led manufacturing brand Phytos


BeLeaf Medical is the FIRST vertically integrated medical cannabis company with cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing locations open and operating. Phytos, their manufacturing brand, passed an extensive series of required inspections from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to commence on their first of two awarded manufacturing licenses granted earlier this year. Phytos is proud to have a female-led team of strong, diverse women managed by Chief Science Officer Dr. Stephanie Cernicek, a Ph.D. chemist; Research and Development Manager Dr. Jamila Owens-Todd, N.D.; and partner Mitch Meyers.

“We are excited to open this amazing cannabis manufacturing facility in St. Louis, allowing us to provide high-quality cannabis products with a relentless focus on patients and product safety. Being vertically integrated allows us to grow, manufacture, and sell to patients quicker,” said Mitch Meyers.

The nearly 8,000 sq. ft. Phytos facility will utilize a variety of extraction methods, one of the most high-tech methods is CO2 extraction. This extraction method allows Phytos to utilize subcritical and supercritical CO2 to extract cannabinoids and other constituents of cannabis with little-to-no post-processing. These methods are extremely precise and allow for consistent and reliable cannabis products.


“Phytos has the unique ability to produce live resin products due to shared facility space with our cultivation operation Sinse Cannabis, allowing our team to extract fresh plant material at sub-zero temperatures, preserving delicate terpenes and yielding a high-quality, flavorful concentrate,” says Dr. Stephanie Cernicek. “Additionally, Phytos possesses a state-of-the-art computer automated filling machine to fill vape pens, gummies, and tinctures ensuring that products are made accurately and consistently.”

Phytos is also partnering with other brands to provide customized cannabis-infused products, which should be available in February to Missouri patients who have been eagerly awaiting products like pre-rolled joints, edibles, vapes, and concentrates. Phytos will be the first in the state to offer topicals. Patient favorite, SWADE brand Glass Prepacks, are expected to hit the shelves immediately and Pre-rolled joints will follow close behind.

About Phyos: PHYTOS leverages BeLeaf’s industry-leading experience and scientific rigor to bring unmatched exactitude to cannabis in Missouri. Dedicated hi-tech facilities make it possible for PHYTOS to produce reliable, safe, and meticulously consistent cannabis free from all variables. Highly controlled growing environments separated by stage and strain, to a range of extraction methods creates superior cannabis. PHYTOS offers CO2 extraction, efficient Ethanol extraction, and now state-of-the-art Hydrocarbon extraction—which allows us to immediately freeze freshly trimmed cannabis and extract more quickly, preserving delicate terpenes for a superior extract and producing live-resin products on-site. These science-backed systems and proprietary formulations have made the PHYTOS name synonymous with precision. Additional photos available upon request.