Proper Cannabis approved for medical marijuana manufacturing

Manufacturing Licensee Receives Authority from DHSS to Begin Operations in Missouri

The state of Missouri has approved St. Louis-based Proper Cannabis to begin manufacturing at their 90,000 square foot facility in Rock Hill. Proper is one of Missouri’s earliest companies to be commenced for manufacturing and the first in the greater St. Louis area.

Utilizing the latest cryofreezing technologies to unleash a wide terpene and cannabinoid profile, Proper can achieve the highest quality, single origin, additive-free, full-spectrum extracts—truly capturing the essence of each individual strain. Using this technology, Proper will offer concentrates including Live Resin Badder, Live Resin Sugar, premium High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts, and vaporizer cartridges.

In addition to the live resin process, Proper’s cutting edge short-path distillation will produce the purest high-quality distillate possible, which will be incorporated into all of Proper’s consumable products.

RATIO, Proper’s brand that focuses on specific THC-to-CBD ratios to foster desired effects, will incorporate the distillate in microdosed mints as well as controlled-dose vaporizers. RATIO aims to enhance wellness through personalized cannabis experiences delivered in a reliable and convenient manner.

Proper’s chef-driven edible line, Honeybee Edibles, comes from longtime St. Louis chef and confectioner, Dave Owens, Director of Culinary. Owens spent over a decade as Bissinger’s Chief Chocolatier before joining the Proper Brands team.

“This is an exciting chapter for someone who’s been in the food business for so long. I know how beneficial cannabis can be. The opportunity for me to get to do what I love while helping those who are in need of cannabis’ benefits is really a treat.”

“Just like all aspects of Proper Brands, we’re not cutting any corners. Everything we do is quality driven. We’re sourcing the best chocolates and fruits on the market. We’ve got state-of-the-art equipment, like our Selmi Tuttuno Oneshot depositor and Selmi chocolate mixers and tempering machines,” says Owens.

Honeybee Edibles will feature artisan chocolate bars using fine European chocolates, as well as gumdrops that utilize real fruit puree sourced from around the world. Expect signature flavors like Blood Orange & Candied Hazelnut Dark Chocolate bars and Sour Raspberry Lemonade gummies.


“We can’t wait to get our products on shelves—not just at our dispensaries, but all of our wholesale partner dispensaries across the state. We believe that we’re growing the best cannabis in the state, and we’re looking forward to improving the lives of Missouri’s patients with it,” says Naomi Tao, Brand Manager.

Proper Cannabis, RATIO, and Honeybee Edibles will be available at the company’s two retail locations located in Warrenton and South St. Louis County. Additionally, Proper will distribute wholesale products to dispensaries across the state.

Proper Cannabis anticipates their first products will hit the Missouri market in early April 2021, with their two retail locations opening at the same time.

About Proper Brands

Proper Brands is a fully vertical medical marijuana company in the state of Missouri with a vision to lead and inspire their community through the power of cannabis. Headquartered in St. Louis County, Proper Cannabis has established an ethos of improving the lives of others through the use of cannabis—t­o be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled people. Proper aims to provide service to the entire state of Missouri.

Powered by an award-winning cultivation team, Proper Cannabis will offer a library of hand-selected genetics and a careful human touch—all of which ensures a consistent, high-quality product.  All Proper Cannabis products will be subject to an internal six-point quality control protocol before entering the market to ensure Missouri patients will receive products that meet Proper standards.

Proper Brands is composed of Proper Cannabis, RATIO, and Honeybee Edibles.