BRANDS SERIES | Meet Green Releaf

BRANDS SERIES | Meet Green Releaf


Greenway caught up with the Green ReLeaf Dispensary, which kindly responded to interview questions via email. Our questions and their answers are here in their entirety.

Green ReLeaf has dispensary locations in Columbia, Troy, Mexico, and Moberly. You can follow their offerings and store news on Facebook at


Tell us about your dispensary brand – Green Releaf – where did the name and the logo come from?

The Green Releaf brand name and logo were created and chosen by our team members through discussion exploring our mission and purpose as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. “Releaf” is a tribute to the ancient healing plant Cannabis that will provide “relief” and life enhancement options for the patients as an alternative to over the counter/ prescription medications.

Will your menus for all of your dispensaries be the same?

The menus at all Green Releaf locations will be somewhat consistent, however, each location will have inventory based on the local patients needs and demands.

Will all of the products in Green Releaf be branded as Green Releaf or are you providing licensed brands from other names?

Green Releaf will have our own branded products along with other quality brands.


What types of products can we expect to see in Green Releaf?

Green Releaf will offer a vast variety of product types that are currently available in the market.

What makes Green Releaf different from other brands in Missouri?

The Green Releaf Board officers currently have over 10+ regulated product retail outlets and a staff of over 80+ people. The experience operating these businesses for more than a decade has prepared us well for the highly regulated Medical Marijuana Industry. The Green Releaf dispensary team was carefully selected based on their Cannabis knowledge and passion for the medicinal benefits. We have ensured all of the staff is involved for the right cause. We at Green Releaf believe having the great staff that we have, the retail experience, and good financial backing will allow us to provide quality Cannabis products at very competitive prices.

Will you have clinical staff in the dispensaries? What about patient education materials-are you using any? Patient journals, brochures, etc?

The Green Releaf team has medical, pharmaceutical, and retail experience. We will provide patient education materials and we have already conducted educational classes at our dispensary locations and will continue to do so. And yes, each patient’s history will be documented as well.

If you wanted to make sure there was ONE thing readers should know about Green Releaf- what would it be?

Green Releaf will offer the patients the best retail experience and the top quality Cannabis products at affordable prices. The slogan for the current non-cannabis retail operation we have is “Great People, Great Prices.” We will be holding the same standard with Green Releaf by providing quality product and care for each and every patient.

This interview appeared in the November/December 2020 issue of Greenway Magazine.