Appeals settlement video and rumors false, Department says


A new video made its way through industry circles Monday morning, stoking confusion. In the video, north Missouri lawyer Patrick Nolan claims that there will be a “resolution to the lawsuits may be announced soon.”

Patrick Nolan is the host of YouTube channel “Pat Talks Law.”



The Department of Health and Senior Services, Missouri’s department that oversees the Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation, said Nolan’s claim is not accurate.

“There is no truth to this claim whatsoever,” said the Department in response to an inquiry from Greenway Magazine.

Missouri’s program has a built-in open path for appealing licensing decisions. Any denied facility license applicant may appeal, a road over 800 licensees have chosen to take. Over 2,200 applications were submitted for Missouri’s initial 60 cultivation, 86 manufacturing, and 192 dispensary licenses. The license counts were set to Missouri’s constitutional license minimums.

Nolan is a lawyer in good standing based in Kirksville, Missouri, according to the Missouri Bar Association. He has been practicing since 2014.