Ones to Watch 2020: David Zordan

The inaugural Greenway Ones to Watch class were nominated by their peers as those will be some of the most responsible for setting the tone of Missouri’s newest industry. From activists to consultants to operators themselves, the following industry influencers are responsible for determining not only how the industry overcomes the obstacles of 2020, but how the industry will be better for it. The same questions were asked of all; submitted answers and related information edited for grammar and clarity.


NAME: David Zordan

COMPANY: V3 Holdings Missouri LLC, DBA Terrabis

OPERATING FROM: St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield

TITLE: Chief Operating Officer

BACKGROUND: Over 5 years of Cannabis Industry experience, most recently as the Director of Retail for Diego Pellicer in Denver, CO.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis is a healing plant, that when consumed responsibly, can provide previously unattainable relief from countless ailments. I’ve personally witnessed improvement in the quality of life of patients, and that brings me endless joy. My passion for the cannabis industry stems from my love of helping people.  My brother was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy back in high school, and 20 years later he still claims that cannabis works the best for reducing his seizures. Seeing the relief he was provided through cannabis, I could not join the movement fast enough.

Every day I get to provide someone with the aid they need and deserve through this amazing plant. We are still scraping the surface of its medicinal properties, and continually finding new uses, new means of administration, and new patients who can benefit from cannabis. Helping carve the path for this industry has been the most challenging professional experience I have been through, but it has also been the most rewarding. Working in cannabis is a privilege that I take very seriously by holding compliance in the highest regards. They say that if you love what you do you, you never work a day in your life. If that is true, I have not worked in five years.


What is your vision of the industry in Missouri?

Cannabis is here to provide medicinal relief to the patients of Missouri. While the cannabis industry will surely move into the adult-use space in the next few years, right now Terrabis’ primary focus is to provide medical patients with the highest quality flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals we can source. I see the great people of Missouri embracing this philosophy of providing medical relief to those in need and expanding it into adult-use responsibly.  Terrabis pledges to inform those who are still skeptical of medicinal cannabis with compassion, understanding, and knowledge to reduce the negative social stigma of cannabis. I talk to hardworking Missourians every day pushing to make this industry a reality, and failure is not an option.  Originally from Illinois, that Midwest work ethic I have seen in Missouri is something to be envied.

One direction I see the cannabis industry going is further into the compliance world.  I often tell my employees that we are in the compliance business and just happen to sell cannabis. It does not matter what we are selling, without the compliance aspect of our business the state will not let us open our doors. I see technology, redundancy, and standardized business practices bringing compliance into the forefront of our industry, further legitimizing our efforts when we can show the safety and consistency of our industry practices.

I am excited to see Missouri brining innovation to the industry through the implementation of the Drive-Thru. Living in today’s crazy world requires extra attention to health and safety practices, so to see the state approve the use of Drive-Thru’s shows me people are committed to ensuring the well-being of all our patients. These will minimize the contact and air space shared between employee and patient, keeping everyone healthier.


What opportunity/opportunities does the industry create in Missouri?

There are two sides to the opportunities the cannabis industry will create for Missouri.  The first aspect is medicinal opportunities, the ability to help people with their medical needs. My most rewarding experience was when a woman about 65 years old came through one of my stores and was asking for relief from her arthritis. We set her up with a topical salve as well as a micro-dose edible, only to have her return a few weeks later showing marked improvement. I will never forget the look in her eyes when she told me how appreciative she was that she was able to sign her granddaughter’s birthday card the week prior.

The other side of the coin when it comes to opportunities the cannabis industry provides is economical. Cannabis is set to bring thousands of jobs to Missouri, which could not be coming at a better time. Both the agricultural/rural communities and urban communities will see unemployment rates decrease, which in turn increases the quality of life across the board.

What is one thing you wish all Missourians knew about cannabis?

Do not worry about THC percentage or Species (Sativa, Hybrid, Indica), it is all about the Terpenes and Cannabinoids. Previously when cannabis was kept relegated to the black-market archaic classification methods were all we had, but the science and medicinal studies behind cannabis have come a long way. What we have discovered is that most of the medicinal properties in cannabis are found in the terpenes and cannabinoids, with certain combinations produce different results. This “Entourage Effect” between terpenes and cannabinoids is what patients should look for when constructing their cannabis regimen. Cannabis products with the right combination of terpenes and cannabinoids will give patients better results than if they immediately go for the highest THC testing product.


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