Why would I smoke CBD flower instead of “weed”?

Why would I smoke CBD flower instead of “weed”?


Missouri patients are dying for dispensaries to open, and while the illicit market is still alive and well, the more we learn about CBD (hemp) flower, the more people are willing to give it a whirl.  Bearing in mind that Missouri’s Marijuana program is MEDICAL currently, and over 55k patients have obtained their patient cards.  Many of those patients are turning to cannabis for medicine for a variety of reasons, but many cite chronic pain or anxiety as their biggest motivators.

While the wait for dispensaries to begin carrying THC products, high quality CBD flower is already available, requires no permission from the state to purchase and can often help with conditions – only without the high.  That might sound crazy to those who are insistent that the high is the best part of consuming, but not everyone likes getting baked, anymore than everyone enjoying being drunk.

CBD flower looks, smells, grinds, and smokes just like our beloved weed.  They even have great names for their strains!  But – did you know that inhaled CBD flower absorbs into your bloodstream rapidly and CBD is carried directly to your brain within 3 minutes or less?  That’s an exciting prospect for someone in excruciating pain or someone on the edge of an unpredictable panic attack.


The effects of smoked CBD flower usually only last 30-60 minutes. Therefore, you’ll need to smoke CBD flower frequently if you need frequently throughout the course of a day – luckily, CBD flower is much less expensive than THC bud, and requires fewer hits (subsequently more medicine for your money) in order to get immediate benefits.  One more benefit?  Missouri has some of the most talented hemp growers in the nation – which means you can buy local.

Have you tried CBD flower?  Would you try it for pain if you knew it wouldn’t get you high?