Cassville Dispensary leads early on community outreach

Cassville Dispensary leads early on community outreach


The Cassville Dispensary was founded by Dr. Lisa Roark, an engaged leader in the Missouri grassroots cannabis movement. Roark has been known to not only offer the community with valuable knowledge and support but to make herself available as one of the state’s leading cannabis physicians.

She aims to continue her outreach as The Dispensary establishes itself in the Cassville community. All facilities were asked on their facility application what their plans were for community outreach, as well as plans for low-income patients.

Greenway talked with the assistant manager of the Cassville Dispensary, Charlea Estes-Jones, who told Greenway:

“Our community outreach program extends far beyond a basic discount program for low-income and marginalized patients. We want to engage with our patients and in turn, encourage them to engage with the local community as well as the cannabis community. Through our CCC plan, education programs, non-profit partnerships, recycling program, and more, we want to meet both patients and our local community where they are. We encourage wellbeing in all areas because that is what will make our patients and community health.”

Estes adds, “Patient care and access is the mission that runs through every single aspect of our business plan. The number one thing our patients should know is our mission is safe, reliable, affordable cannabis. We are here to help patients, and it’s patients over profit. Period.”

The Cassville Dispensary is located in Barry County in Southwest Missouri.


Plans for low-income and minority communities

Estes explained The Dispensary’s plan to launch their six-part integrated plan called the Cassville Cannabis Compassion program, or CCC.

It “gives a nod to the historical roots of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), which was responsible for some of the most beautiful man-made parts of our local Roaring River State Park in the 1930s and 1940s. We take social responsibility very seriously. Our plan is broken down into education, discount programs for a variety of groups, delivery options, keeping directories of assistance programs for patients, non-profit partnerships, and a physician certification accessibility program,” Estes said.


“Our discount program encompasses a regular discount on all items for low-income patients, senior citizens, active and retired military veterans, and palliative care discounts. On top of that, we will also give every single patient Cassville Dispensary-specific custom cannabis and goal-tracking journal, educational classes, and more. Our CCC and business plan is unique because we are 100% patient-focused. However, the most unique part of our discount plan is our Bridging the Gap Compassion Program. If any of our patients or caretakers are experiencing hardship, our staff can help them fill out an application for special discounts. So, for example, maybe you lost your job or had a sick kid and couldn’t work, our management team can offer special discounts either short-term or long-term to ensure that you are still able to access your medicine, despite life’s circumstances. I doubt patients will see that in other dispensaries.”

Estes wants Missouri’s patients to know that “Cassville Dispensary is founded on love, support, and genuine caring. From our own Dr. Lisa Roark to our management team to our Patient Care Associates and security team, we are here because we care and want to help. We want every single patient who walks through our doors to know they will be met by people who are ready to help them.”

Keep an eye out for The Dispensary’s opening updates

The Dispensary isn’t sure when they will be open to the public, Estes said their construction should be complete in early to mid-July and “as soon as we have more information about our commencement inspection, we will post on social media and our website.”

Community Outreach

Just this week, the Cassville Dispensary hosted local law enforcement for a POST-certified training. This training follows several other community events hosted by the dispensary team.

Extract-ED, LLC, taught classes at the future dispensary site about Amendment 2, now Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution, covering current rules, regulations, and patient rights. According to their Facebook page, Extract-ED “provides educational events for both Law Enforcement and Civilian Agencies to be successful in today’s controversial environment. Courses include Legal Medical Marijuana Enforcement, as well as Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace, and others.”

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