Does your dog need medicine too?

Does your dog need medicine too?


If you missed our article a while back about CBD for pets, you can get more information about it in this piece.  Just as with human research studies, numerous trials with dogs and the use of CBD to help them with ailments are providing more evidence that the same terpenes and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant are working for man’s best friend.

The most common uses for dogs, in particular, seem to be for osteoarthritis and anxiety.  As with traditional people doctors, not all veterinarians are open to the idea of CBD for treatment in dogs, but the historic stigma associated with our favorite plant is nothing new to those of us who are advocates.

We recently read some great materials about the individual types of dog breeds and the genetic conditions inherent to them, and CBD is being used to treat several of them for far more than just arthritis – allergies, separation anxiety, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, even aggression, and digestive issues.


We wanted to share this great infographic from – but you’ll need to visit the link to view it properly.

Remember something critical if you decide to treat your pets with CBD – ALWAYS ensure the products you’re purchasing are lab tested and read reviews – we know from our human experience that CBD is a product that often has unfortunately been billed as safe, but nefarious sellers aren’t selling what they claim.