CannaVer brings Missouri-flavored brands to the market


A newcomer to the space in Missouri, CannaVer is preparing to manufacture a wide product mix at three facilities in the Show-Me State. CEO Alexander Romero specializes in building teams, or supergroups, to be more accurate, of proven industry experts in the emerging national medical and recreational marijuana space.  Having graduated from the University of Colorado in 2006, many of Alex’s peers became pioneers in the emerging legal Colorado cannabis space, among them, co-founder Dillon Gross.  Gross, of Aspen Valley Hemp Company and Pure CBD Exchange, worked alongside Romero, in the hopes of making CannaVer a reality beginning in the spring of 2019. 

Among the in-house brands, CannaVer will present patients with Blue Note Labs.  Blue Note Labs will be their premium brand of concentrates and vape products.  A tribute to Saint Louis, the City of Blues, Blue Note Labs is the product of proven science, cutting-edge extraction/manufacturing, and premium, high-end flower, resulting in higher-end products with a more significant price point.

When it comes to edibles, CannVer plans to launch Osage Kitchen, and the team had the support of one of the largest infused baked goods companies in the nation based in Colorado, distributing product to 500 dispensaries peak season.


Crossroads Cannabis enters the market as a value brand.  The name pays tribute to the Gateway of the West and the Midwest’s history of traveling pioneers. Owners say, “Crossroads Cannabis celebrates a time when pioneers of diverse backgrounds pursued their individual American dreams, crossing paths in Saint Louis before exploring the western territory of the United States.” With the combined best practices, extraction, and infusion techniques used in previous companies, the Crossroads Cannabis line will provide consistent, impactful, and affordable relief. Their goal is to provide outstanding products to diverse qualifying Missouri patients at an affordable price point.

For any operator with a manufacturing license, the importance of leveraging relationships with both cultivators and dispensary partners is a no-brainer.  The CannaVer team seems excited about forming those relationships and cultivating (pun intended) those partnerships, to ensure a long-term future together.  Ceres Management’s Joe Patterson has signed on to provide on-site security for the team.  

Look for more details about CannaVer’s brands and story in our July/August print issue!