There’s a subscription box for that…


Subscription boxes.  How many do you currently subscribe to?  Don’t be embarrassed, they open up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of products. 

Have dogs?  There’s a subscription box that delivers new toys and treats to your front door every month. 

Love Olive Oil?  There’s a subscription box that delivers that sweet elixir quarterly, with versions from all over the globe. 

Wine, beer, bourbon, themed t-shirts, seriously, they exist for everything! My first one was Birchbox.  Ten beauty products every month for $10?  YES PLEASE!  Shortly thereafter, ButcherBox brought me fresh and delicious meat (sorry vegans).  Far too quickly, I was receiving monthly clothing options, cleaning products, you name it, I was getting it hand-selected and delivered. (In the interest of full disclosure, I no longer receive any of the above, having realized I had a problem.)

It’s natural to wonder how subscription boxes benefit the seller – but think about it – if you walk into a dispensary, you see the products they have on hand, and in situations where there are hundreds, or thousands of SKUs, a dispensary can turn into a veritable supermarket with brands competing (or paying for) prime shelf space.  Even then, the dispensary has to agree to sell your product in the first place.

Photo courtesy of SenSi Box

Provided you get that far and if the product is prominently displayed with the most impressive packaging, it can be challenging to convince a consumer to try a new product at full price. Consumer research shows that a majority of consumers report wanting to regularly experiment with new products, but few have the luxury of purchasing full size products as “trials.”

Subscription boxes are delivered to the doors of customers seeking collections of a certain product type curated for them and bundled at a great value (50 percent to 60 percent off retail prices some claim), which means both consumers and brands see value in an increase in the number of products that reach consumers directly.  Brands can almost guarantee that nearly 100 percent of consumers who receive a box will try their product.

It’s inevitable that the cannabis industry would find its own way to join the movement.  Five years ago, it would have seemed inconceivable, and it still is… sort of.  While there are several subscription boxes for cannabis enthusiasts and patients, the majority of them cater to smokers, and few contain actual cannabis.  We found a few exceptions in states where recreational cannabis is legal, and even then, they only deliver to addresses in select cities.  Keep in mind that CBD does not have the same restrictions as cannabis and you actually CAN receive samplers of CBD flower. 

Photo courtesy of Hemper

Most of the most popular cannabis-related boxes carry a monthly fee between $28-$50, and many services offer tiered pricing dependent on how many items you choose per month in your box.  We found many that are less expensive, and several that were more expensive.  But, back to the contents – generally, the theme of the box is smoking, although there are some specific to women cannabis consumers, as well as some that come right out and bill themselves as Nirvana to self-proclaimed “stoners.”  Across the board, most boxes contain rolling papers of some sort, one or more pipes/smoking devices, a cleaning product, lighters, CBD infused food or beauty products, and novelties that tell others you are 420 friendly.  

Cannabis subscription boxes aren’t for everyone. However, they might be a great option if you fall into a few categories of patients – those who primarily consume by smoking and use common products with frequency and a monthly refill of rolling papers, cones, or cleaners is a convenience; the fashionable woman who likes her accessories to feature a little bling; the collector who can never have enough pipes and grinders and not only reviews them on his or her YouTube channel but displays them proudly for visitors; and finally, the patient new to cannabis with a healthy discretionary income who is trying to sample as much as possible for consumption of medicine or socks covered with the iconic leaf.

If you want to try a subscription box that benefits the cannabis community and is close to home, Ayden’s Alliance offers their “Green Gear” box.  The non-profit group began their subscription box program just over two months ago and have already sent out over 30 boxes.  The Green Gear boxes are available at two monthly price points – $25 or $40 and the price point depends on the contents of the box.  Green Gear boxes are full of all sponsored/donated contents and might include sponsor swag, hemp products (21 and older only), essential oils, crystals, jewelry, hats and much more. 

Founder Ashley Markum told us that they pay close attention to each box to make it personal.

“If we know someone already got a shirt, we make sure we don’t send them the same shirt next time.” 

All proceeds benefit the organization’s efforts in providing free or low-cost medical therapy solutions to low income, special needs, and disabled families.  If you’re interested in getting your own Green Gear box, visit the Ayden’s Alliance team on Facebook at

Final thoughts on cannabis subscription boxes?  It’s easy to re-gift anything you haven’t had the time or inclination to try, and it IS fun to share experiences and spread awareness for products that perform your expectations or delight you.